Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for a happy and successful 2011.

In honour of the occasion, I thought I would note down a few Christmas memories.

1. Santa leaving our presents all over Mom and Dad’s bedroom and my parents were still asleep when we woke up.

2. Dad buying Mom a food processor and it wasn’t a popular choice.

3. The huge turkey which was Dad’s Christmas bonus from work. It sat in up in the fridge and turned us all off eating it.

4. The year I gave James a hamster and the rigmarole of getting the neighbours to hide it for me.

5. Mom’s ancient (70 plus years old) paper cottage that has always been on her Christmas trees.

6. The icicles I have hanging on my tree, which my Granddad obtained during the war.

7. The lovely huge chocolate boxes we used to get as children.

8. Boxing Day tea at my Pussy Nan’s.

9. My uncles plying my Nana Browning with Avocat.

10. My Dad’s abysmal attempts at charades.

11. Nana shaking the table cloth crumbs under the table when she thought no one was looking.

12. Huge family gatherings.

13. Boxing Day walks.

14. My sister being certain she had seen Santa with no clothes on!

Please add your own memories in comments.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Ah memories, for me it has to be the visits to the Christmas Markets, the excitement of helping my gran decorate the tree, or rather the few real branches she used to get. She used to say we didn't have the room for a tree, living in a flat, but hey at least they were real pine.

    The plate of fruit, chocolates and nuts Santa used to leave for at Christmas. I used to love my Christmas oranges, something about them being on a huge colourful Christmas themed paper plate that made them taste so much better 😉

    Being locked out of the living room on Christmas Eve, with mysterious bells going on, and then the big reveal of all the presents.

    Singing Christmas carols with my gran, dad and stepmum and the obligatory Christmas visit to church, only time my gran ever went, bless her.

    Most of all I just remember my gran though, and how she always made Christmas extra special. It is a bittersweet time for me, as she passed on 23 years ago now, but I still miss her dreadfully every Christmas.

    Have a lovely Christmas Morgan 🙂


  2. I remember big Christmas trees, lots and lots of decorations, and going to the Panto just after (usually early January) to round Christmas off. I also remember me and my brother being very nervous about going into the lounge, and Mum would have to check Santa had officially gone – we were so scared!

    We used to get up really early and open our presents, then go into our parent's room and show them everything Santa had bought us, then go open the presents (once mum had given us the all clear).

    Oh and playing cards. The family would come over and we'd sit up playing cards! Great fun!


  3. I remember the year Santa arrived in the middle of the afternoon on Christmas Eve. We took the kids for a wagon ride around the block and the stockings were filled when we got back. It was hysterical, but they completely bought it.


  4. Hi Girls,

    Thank you for your comments.

    It is strange how for most of us, Christmas can be both happy and sad. It seems to bring up lots of memories. My mother always ued to sob on Christmas morning. Nana died on 27 December too.

    I remember going to the pantomime and catching a cotton wool snowball. I was so disappointed that it didn't contain any sweets.

    The Santa myth is amazing. How do we get away with it? We all have our own traditions and stories about him. I felt a little sad this year as I expect it will be the last year my youngest will truly believe. He woke his Daddy at 2am on Christmas night because he had heard a noise on the roof and wanted Dad to check if it was Santa's sleigh. On Christmas morning he was convinced he could see sleigh tracks and reindeer hoof prints in the snow.

    Can't believe how fast Christmas went. Lots of good food and warm family times. Mx


  5. Very funny Morton! My dad was useless at charades too! Strange how we carry many of our traditions onto our kids. And yet I know my son's Xmasses are very different to what mine were at his age, with all the technology nowadays. God I sound old!


  6. Hi Serenity,
    I know what you mean – I'm old too! My little one has been plugged into his iPod touch since Christmas. We actually did a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle yesterday, just to get away from the technology. Mx


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