Cucumber Writing Method

I’ve been trying the ‘cucumber writing method’. Don’t get too excited. It’s not a new craze that will sweep the writing world (but you never know!)

For the past year I’ve been suffering with very dry eyes, to the extent I’ve had to give up my contact lenses. Last week they were so bad, they looked like red hot coals and I didn’t want to face the computer screen or a book. Hungry for writing as always, I developed the cucumber method.

Lying on the settee with soothing discs of cucumber over my eyes, I began to have scenes from my WIP flash through my mind. Amazing how real your characters can feel when they act out the scenes from your book on the back of your eyelids. If only I could write it as I see it.

I began alternating cucumber thinking time with actual writing time. Good for my eyes and it is amazing how much more productive I can be. Try it.

P.S. I’ve now discovered some fantastic Optrex stuff that you spray onto closed eyelids. It can even be used when wearing contact lenses or make up. My eyes have been much better since using it, but I don’t think I shall give up my cucumber thinking time.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. When I do get a lie in, I do tend to lay there dreaming scenes over of my story. (Or it's a good way for me to drift of to sleep thinking about certain problem scenes). It's nice to laze in bed and call it Brainstorming. 😀


  2. Hi,

    Teresa the thing that gets me is when I wake from a dream about my characters but it feels so real that I'm not sure if it was actually a dream. Almost as if I went time travelling for a while.

    Doris and Nas – it sounds simple, but I don't normally do relaxation or sitting down, so I guess it is helping me to relax too. MX


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