And the Winner is…..

The winner of the giveaway from my blog post of 3 June 2011, a Pdf copy of Something Blue by Serenity Woods, is Clare Kirkpatrick. Clare if you direct message me your e-mail address via Twitter or Facebook I will get your prize to you. I hope you enjoy Serenity’s book.

Thank you to Serenity for allowing me to host an interview with her and to all those who commented.

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Author of romantic suspense novels.
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9 Responses to And the Winner is…..

  1. Ellie Swoop says:

    The heart shaped bucket makes a wise choice – (and sweet small hand too of course).


  2. Woohoo! Thank you 🙂 Will DM you on twitter.


  3. Congratualtions Clare. Mx

    I wonder who bought me that bucket Ellie 😉


  4. Congratulations Clare, and that's the prettiest little bucket I've ever seen 🙂


  5. Congratulations Clare! I hope you like the book. And thank you so much to everyone who commented on these posts. The internet is a wonderful thing and drags us reclusive writers out into the big wide world!


  6. Nas Dean says:

    Congratulations to the winner! Enjoy your book!


  7. Cara Cooper says:

    Missed this one unfortunately but I'm sure there'll be another….. Congrats to Clare!


  8. Flowerpot says:

    love the heart shaped bucket!


  9. Sarah and Flowerpot – The bucket was bought at the seaside in Wales by my good friend Ellie Swoop. I haven't had chance to use it on the beach yet.

    Hope Clare is enjoying the book, I'm sure she appreciates everyone's best wishes.

    Cara – I hope to have another guest author soon – I enjoyed it. If you haven't already check out Nas Dean's blog – she has some great author interviews.

    Serenity – I hope book sales are healthy and that the blog posting generated some interest. It was my most viewed blog post to date!


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