Have you seen my new wonderful cover picture on Facebook. This was taken by my talented sister and it gives me a thrill every time I look at it.

I thought I’d start this blog by recommending a couple of blogs which I regularly find of interest. 
Helen Yendall’s excellent and Sally Jenkins’, both are worth looking at and both feature competitions on a regular basis.

I’m in a strange phase with two of my novels which have both been through the RNA New Writer’s Scheme critique. I think they are percolating! They seem to be running on continuous tape in the background of my mind and every now and then a scene or a new way for part of the plot comes to the surface and I scribble it down before it disappears. I think this is a good thing!?!

Both novels feel as if they will emerge stronger from this process. Have you ever had this experience?

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I’ve decided the novel I’m going to write, working title “Millie’s War”, written a loose plot and the opening scenes. It’s set in the Blackcountry and being as I am a blackcountry lass, I’m already enjoying myself.

I spent Sunday afternoon forcing myself to label all of my completed notebooks. I’ve put sticky labels on the pages to indicate poems, short stories, ideas and parts of novels. Not sure if I feel better or not. I now need to transcribe them all. If you could see the pile, you would know what I am up against!

During the last few weeks, I’ve purposely been exposing myself to new situations and places. This has resulted in many poems and stories. I just wish I was braver at sending them out into the world. I did make a pledge with some fellow writers at the RNA conference in Sheffield to send out at least five writing projects. I’ve managed three so far.

See if you can give me encouragement in the comments below to send out more.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Thanks for the 'shout out', Morton.
    It sounds like you're doing excellently all by yourself. Don't be scared about submitting. Remember, the editors don't know you from Adam and it's your writing they're judging, not you!
    If you never submit, you'll never get published.
    Sometimes you have to be happy with 'good enough' and not 'perfect' before you submit – because nothing we ever write is perfect!
    Good Luck with NaNo!


  2. An amazing picture Morton. And please do keep sending stuff out – if you do, and then forget about it, you can get some really nice surprises! And if it just sits there, no one will ever see how good a writer you are.


  3. Flowerpot, I think the photo is amazing too. My sister is a very talented photographer, but slogs away all working week as an accountant!

    I have had a success and am just about to blog about it – shortlisted in the Festival of Romance New Talent Award as Jayne Hall! Squeeeeeee.


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