Will Life Ever Be The Same?

I’m scared and excited.

In unknown territory.

We are having a puppy! A Maltese.

Lily will be joining us later this month. We have half term to puppify the house.

All advice and tips welcome. I am a first time dog owner. Writing may suffer. May be the subject of many blog and Facebook posts. Help!

About Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com
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8 Responses to Will Life Ever Be The Same?

  1. Quillers says:

    Oh she is adorable! She'll be fine. Just make sure she's fed and watered. Don't feed her chocolate (it's bad for their hearts) or dried fruit (apparently also bad for them). Decide which parts of the house are going to be hers and which yours alone. Baby gates come in handy for stairs (though you won't be able to resist her looking at you through them) and just love her, which is going to be very easy to do.


  2. Thank you for your reassuring comment, Quillers! I guess I'm just extra nervous as I've never had a dog before. I may be messaging you for advice – be warned. Mx


  3. sallyjenkins says:

    Morton, all the dog owners I know become totally besotted. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!


  4. Sue Johnson says:

    Lovely name! Just have fun with her. Think of all the stories you can work on in your head while you're walking her!


  5. Gwen Tolios says:

    I won't say no to future puppy posts.


  6. I do hope so, Sally. Trepidation and excitement all mixed together!


  7. Lol. I'm hoping it helps with my weight too!


  8. Gwen, I'm sure they will be numerous. Lily may turn out to be my best marketing tool! Lol


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