Crafting Update

I had a weaving loom for Christmas. Now even though I went on a day course about weaving, it was quite a challenge to warp the loom and begin weaving. Got it wrong the first time and ended up un-weaving! Lol I’ve always said I’m good at un-knitting, well now I’m good at un-weaving too! Once I got the hang of it, I’m very pleased with my first piece of cloth.

Last Friday was my fused glass course. I can only show you the “before” pictures as the pieces have to be fired! Two hours disappeared very quickly and I was amazed I didn’t cut myself.


I’ll show you the finished items when I have them. The above should melt into a coaster, two pendants and a cocktail stirrer.

In book news, thank you to anyone who has borrowed my books from a library. You may not know but each time you borrow a book the author gets a small payment, currently 9p. It soon mounts up over a year and allows the author a little more income. I was thrilled by how many of you had borrowed my books. 😄




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6 Responses to Crafting Update

  1. Very envious of your abilities – there’s no end to your talent Morton. Sadly. I have two left thumbs! Looking forward to seeing the finished glass pieces.

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  2. carolthomasauthor says:

    That’s wonderful, where do you find your courses? xx

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