Poetry Pressure

I find myself not envying the Poet Laureate. My current course of study is poetry and I need six poems by the end of the week. The instructions said to “make these your masterpieces” and to “show off your skills”. Result of instructions? No rhyme or rhythm. The words are refusing to line up or… Continue reading Poetry Pressure

Where did it go?

If I blinked, I think I would have missed Christmas this year. All the planning, buying, cooking and shopping and then it seemed gone in an instant. I can’t help thinking we should be trying to do it differently, the meaning has got lost along the way. Add to this the powder keg of sticking… Continue reading Where did it go?

Let it Snow!

Woke up to a smattering of snow this morning but it barely covers the ground. In my normal, busy existance I can think of nothing worse than the restrictions of snow – I hate slipping (Being out of control in general). Can’t help wishing it had snowed more heavily this time though, but maybe that… Continue reading Let it Snow!

Christmas coming early!

I feel as if the Christmas roller coaster has got its grip on me and I am been dragged towards the 25th December. Going through the motions of buying presents and writing cards, but do not feel any emotional attachment to it this year. It reminds me of a wonderful quote which I once overheard… Continue reading Christmas coming early!