I Must be Mad

I have signed up for Sally Quillford’s 80,000 words in 80 days challenge, details here. Having enjoyed Nanowrimo’s 50,000 word challenge in November last year, I am hoping to recapture the writing discipline I found then. It was only when I looked at the calendar and realised how much is happening during the 80 days… Continue reading I Must be Mad

Falling in Love Again

So you’ve reached that point in your book where you start to think it isn’t good enough. You feel like ripping it up or pushing the delete button. You’ve hit the confidence wall most writers seem to find at some point in their WIP. How do you get through it? Action Plan I’d like to… Continue reading Falling in Love Again

Eating Praying and Loving

A friend and I (@EllieSwoop) watched the film Eat, Pray, Love, based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir, for the second time on Wednesday evening. We were reflecting on how you see different things in a film depending on your mood and state of mind. When we first saw this film I was worried that it would… Continue reading Eating Praying and Loving

Training my Mind

I was pondering some of the courses I have done over the years and how these might impact my writing. Scarf tying – I took along a triangular silver mesh scarf and was told it would be best used in the bedroom with nothing else on!!! Maybe this will appear in an erotic scene at… Continue reading Training my Mind

Climb Every Mountain

I have just spent a week in Cumbria with hubbie and little son. The holiday house was a 17th century farmhouse in Grasmere with wonderful views from every window and the sounds of rushing water from the stream and birdsong in the garden. Hubbie has a special birthday coming up and requested an early birthday… Continue reading Climb Every Mountain


Yes, I’ve done it! I’ve finished it! For the past age, well 14 months, I have been struggling with a module of my distance learning creative writing course. I’ve at last completed it. I had begun to think that I never would. I am still not sure why I have struggled so much. Having completed… Continue reading Freedom!