Musical Notes

Inspiration is the fuel of a writer. Ideas come from all sorts of sources. Today, I’d like to talk about inspiration from music. I guess it’s not that surprising that songs can produce ideas in your head, after all, songs are stories told in a lyrical way, with the added dimension of a music score.… Continue reading Musical Notes

New Home

This is my new blog page on my shiny new¬†website. Please take the time to follow my blog posts so that you don’t miss any news about my debut novel, Who is Harry Dixon?, to be published by Choc Lit Publishing in Autumn 2016.

A New Phase

After the euphoria of my astounding win of Choc Lit Publishing’s Search for a Star competition with my novel ‘Who is Harry Dixon?’, I started to feel a little strange. It finally struck me that my goalposts have moved! I have spent a few years learning as much as I can about the craft of… Continue reading A New Phase