Cucumber Writing Method

I’ve been trying the ‘cucumber writing method’. Don’t get too excited. It’s not a new craze that will sweep the writing world (but you never know!) For the past year I’ve been suffering with very dry eyes, to the extent I’ve had to give up my contact lenses. Last week they were so bad, they… Continue reading Cucumber Writing Method

Lunchtime Boost

I had lunch with Ellie Swoop in our favourite café (again I hear you say – yes we do have a lot of lunches). As usual we put the world to rights, whilst enjoying a skinny latte and delicious food. Today I had carrot soup and Ellie had scrambled egg on toast. Ellie and I… Continue reading Lunchtime Boost

Support Systems

Today I want to focus on support and how it oils the wheels of life. Like many at this time of year, I want to shed a few pounds and increase my fitness. This year is, however, different, as my husband is joining me in my campaign. I can’t tell you how valuable his support… Continue reading Support Systems

Sensational Memory

I have been writing an autobiographical piece for my coursework. Having chosen a rather difficult period in my life it was a rollercoaster of emotions. It started me thinking about how amazing the brain is and how many layers of sensation and feeling are stored in the human memory banks. There was, of course, the… Continue reading Sensational Memory

I Need Coffee and Chocolate!

First day back to “normal” routine and I thought it was worth reflecting on what makes me productive or otherwise as a writer. I am definitely less productive when I’m out of routine or have something on my mind. Having said that, I am getting better at giving my current feelings to a character and… Continue reading I Need Coffee and Chocolate!

Favourite Books of 2010

I read 26 books during last year. The ones which rated highly with me are given below:- The Chocolate Lovers’ Diet by Carole Matthews, Headline, 2007, ISBN 9780755335879 – A light easy read, but immensely enjoyable with lots of twists and turns. The writing style included some first person chapters. (This is the sequel of… Continue reading Favourite Books of 2010