Support Systems

Today I want to focus on support and how it oils the wheels of life.

Like many at this time of year, I want to shed a few pounds and increase my fitness. This year is, however, different, as my husband is joining me in my campaign. I can’t tell you how valuable his support has been in keeping me on track. We are walking together most days, which also gives us time to talk. We are recording our food intake and exercise on I can wholeheartedly recommend this site for ease of use and keeping track of your calories.

My husband is a computer whizz and has designed a spread sheet to calculate the calorie count of our home cooked meals. In previous years when I have been dieting he would often forget and serve me the same portion size as his own (and of course I would eat it!). Now he is the one watching the portion size. It is great and we have both lost 5lbs so far. Amazing how the shopping bill has reduced too!

Writing is one of those occupations that has tremendous highs and lows. I was reading the post of Susie Nott-Bower on the Strictly Writing blog at, it bought a tear to my eye. I think myself lucky to have the support of writer friend Ellie Swoop, my writing class and my on line buddies. Mustn’t forget hubbie here too, he was great during Nanowrimo and the other day he was saying that he couldn’t wait to see books in my study with Morton S Gray on the spine. Yes please!

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Well done on the weight loss – Ive also been using that site 🙂 I like the way the exercise can sometimes nutralise the calories.

    Support is a wonderful thing. I love the way my husband tries to look like he knows what Im talking about and nods in all the right places when I talk writing.



  2. Well done for losing the weight! And great if you've got a 'partner' to help you. My hubby and I are pretty good in that way too. Though we don't go walking together, hubby got me into running.

    But I do remember ages ago the doctor saying about decreasing food portions. I'll quite easily put what's in front of me, so now make sure hubby gets the bigger portion (as he burns it off!) than me.

    Another tip they gave me, for losing weight after pregnancy was if you feel hungry to drink water, because it might be that you're actually thirsty.


  3. Ooh a big well done on the weight loss, dieting is HARD!

    Glad hubby is so supportive, it really helps. And I am slightly envious of your writing friendship; I don't have anything like that and have always just had to send stuff out without anyone to discuss it with. Hubby is supportive but not really interested in romance novels and doesn't read my stuff, which is fair enough, but means I have no idea if it's any good until someone accepts it!


  4. Christine – I really like myfitnesspal. It beats looking up calories in books and scrabbling on pieces of paper.

    Susie – I am now a regular follower of the Strictly Writing blog. I'm impressed.

    Teresa – This site we are using asks you to drink 8 cups of water which I am sure helps. Hubbie is getting into running now. I love the lycra shorts! They will have to feature in a story sometime.

    Serenity – I've now lost 7lbs, so doing well. You know I will always look at writing for you if you need another eye, although you seem to be doing pretty well with acceptances.


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