Memorial Benches

I decided to dedicate a blog to memorial benches. These have provided me with endless inspiration. I’ve even thought I should write a non fiction book about them. The pictures below show one of my favourite memorial benches at Witley Court in Worcestershire. I once wrote a poem about this gentleman that eventually morphed into… Continue reading Memorial Benches

Happy Birthday Choc Lit

On Wednesday, it is Choc Lit Publishing’s seventh birthday. In celebration of this, I’ve written seven things about my association with Choc Lit. Check out their website here. I’m so proud that my debut novel will be published by this particular publisher, as my desire to join them goes back almost as far as the point… Continue reading Happy Birthday Choc Lit

Looking for the Positives

I always try to look for the positives in life. However, I’ve just been through (fingers crossed we have turned the corner) a period of life that would try most people. Im only just blogging about it as I’ve been just a little overwhelmed. Having said that, you can always find someone having a worse… Continue reading Looking for the Positives