Word Challenge

A few years ago I had a great boss and we had such fun trying to influence our workplace. For example, we had a new manager who said no to any of our suggestions. P came up with the idea that we needed to influence him subtly. The manager was a Wolves FC fan, so… Continue reading Word Challenge

Past Life

There was a man lying on my lap. His blood was warm as it seeped through my long skirts. All I could see from my position on the floor was a ring of knee-high leather boots. They were caked with the same mud I had waded through to get to work. The men chanted “Jacobite”… Continue reading Past Life

Spheres of Connection

My life is rich in friends, for which I daily give thanks. It wasn’t until one of my birthday parties that I realised how many different spheres of connection and interest I inhabit. Some of these are exclusive and others overlap. At that party I was surprised by how many of my friends didn’t know each other… Continue reading Spheres of Connection

Make a Difference Day

Realised that I forgot to tell you about one of my housework habits when this was the hot topic of the last post. Every week I have a ‘make a difference day’. This is when I abandon normal housework and try to make an improvement in each room of the house. It can be something simple… Continue reading Make a Difference Day


I don’t know what the technical term is for what I am doing, so I’ve called it percolating. Ideas are bubbling to the surface all the time and I’m writing them down. They are accompanied by a rush of excitement and anticipation and I know that I am going to have a writing splurge shortly.… Continue reading Percolating