Spheres of Connection

My life is rich in friends, for which I daily give thanks. It wasn’t until one of my birthday parties that I realised how many different spheres of connection and interest I inhabit. Some of these are exclusive and others overlap. At that party I was surprised by how many of my friends didn’t know each other as they came from very different groups.

These days some friendship groups are in cyber space. Indeed Facebook and Friends Reunited has helped me re-enter some groups with which I had lost contact – junior and senior school friends keep resurfacing, as do university friends, old neighbours and work colleagues. If find it amazing. New Voices also helped me to enter into new groups with people who I now feel very close to, but have never met in real life. All of these friendship groups provide a network of support systems.

Last week, I had a delightful morning with one of my new writing friends, Sue Watson (of ‘Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes’ out soon fame!) We had met once briefly and I sensed a connection. Well, when we met up, we talked and talked and talked. We didn’t even have anything to eat with our hurriedly acquired drinks, as we were so eager to get back to the conversation. Thank you Sue for the insights into agents and publication.

Yesterday, I met up with two friends from yet another circle of therapy/spiritual friends. One of these is experimenting with Twitter, so I have asked for lessons when she has the hang of it. Again, I felt enriched and uplifted by the conversation.

This morning I am meeting up with a friend from my family history circle to research two families which are quite a challenge to track down. Would you believe one family name is Smith and the other Jones! One family covers three continents. We have our own theories but if anyone out there has any ideas for why two single illegitimate teenager girls would go all the way to New Zealand in the mid-1870s, please share them. One of these girls died in California, so she was certainly well travelled. I have the kettle boiling as I know we will need plenty of tea because we talk so much.

Today I propose a celebration of friendship of all types. You all make my life richer and enhance my writing through your stimulating conversation. So cheers to all the wonderful friends I have and hello to all the new friends I hope to make.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. I agree with you. Friendship should be celebrated. I have met so many people (new and old) in the last few years brought together by writing, facebook and old schools. It is great interacting with so many different people at so many different levels.


  2. Twitter is so, so fun. I mocked it, but now I totally love it. I've met some of the funniest and most clever people. Writers, readers and book bloggers. Even editors and agents. They talk about book stuff, but also movies and current events and food and just general silliness sometimes.


  3. Most of my friends are still the ones I made in school, thirty-plus years ago! The newer ones are mostly related to my work or writing, and now you mention it I realise I tend to keep the different friendship groups quite separate.

    What a lovely idea to celebrate friendship. There should really be a friendship day shouldn't there, like mother's day or father's day. Then we can make sure we let our friends know how much they are appreciated.


  4. Hi Serenity – I am really enjoying being part of the writing community, everyone is so generous with advice and time. I shall start reading your My Weekly Novel tonight, Ellie Swoop is half way through already. Mx

    Flowerpot – Hope your cat is okay. Glad you liked the post, it was heartfelt. Mx


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