Strange Vibrations

One of the senses that intrigues me is the so called sixth sense, intuition or esp. This sense refers to that feeling that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck if you perceive danger in a street, or feel uneasy in a room, or perhaps when meeting someone new. You may… Continue reading Strange Vibrations

What do People See?

Writers need to be good observers of the world, because they need to be able to draw pictures in your head relating to settings and characters. Continuing with the theme of senses, today I am musing on observation by sight. What do people see when they look at you? The likelihood is that they just… Continue reading What do People See?

The Taste of His Skin…

Continuing with blogging through the senses – I’ve arrived at the sense of taste. This is often a difficult one to include in writing, as you have to be able to conjure up the particular taste in a reader’s mouth and allow them to imagine having the taste experience you have in mind through mere… Continue reading The Taste of His Skin…


I blogged last week about the role of music in my writing and inspiration as part of Elaina James‘ music themed blogging. I thought I’d follow this up with a few thoughts about smells! We are always told to include all of the senses in our writing. For me the sense of smell has a… Continue reading Smelly!