In Conclusion

I have been deliberating about whether to set New Year’s Resolutions for 2011, after having had many many years of them not really working for me and indeed making me disillusioned with myself. Thank you to everyone who has sent me advice and encouragement on this subject. My conclusion is that I am going to… Continue reading In Conclusion

Do I Need Them?

Do I need New Year’s resolutions? I found myself straying to them when I woke this morning. Would I be better calling them goals for 2011? Or not having any at all? They won’t be too different from those of previous years even if I do have them. You know what I mean, they go… Continue reading Do I Need Them?

Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for a happy and successful 2011. In honour of the occasion, I thought I would note down a few Christmas memories. 1. Santa leaving our presents all over Mom and Dad’s bedroom and my parents were still asleep when we woke up. 2. Dad buying Mom a… Continue reading Christmas Memories

I Only Met Him Once

We had only just arrived at the dance hall when I noticed him. Tall, with dark, closely cropped hair and a stature that suggested authority. All of the men were in uniform, it was after all a dance to celebrate the efforts of our forces. There was some indefinable difference that made him stand out.… Continue reading I Only Met Him Once

Present Dilemma

It is a bit disconcerting having a seven year old looking over your shoulder and reading out your manuscript. Thank fully I wasn’t working on a racy bit! I’d forgotten how my time disappears when Daniel is on holiday. Hubbie is working from home at the moment too, so I seem to have become a… Continue reading Present Dilemma

Quick Panic

In the warm summer days of 2010 when I agreed to do a talk to the local WI on 14 February 2011, it seemed ages away. I woke up this morning realising that it is not far away at all! My subject is “You and Your Family History” and I have an hour. I’ve done… Continue reading Quick Panic


I managed to avoid it during November, as I was too busy with the Nanowrimo writing challenge, but now I feel firmly on the Christmas rollercoaster (and a little out of control!). Little son breaks up from school next Friday (10 December), which feels obscenely early. While we will have fun though doing lots of… Continue reading Rollercoaster