I managed to avoid it during November, as I was too busy with the Nanowrimo writing challenge, but now I feel firmly on the Christmas rollercoaster (and a little out of control!).

Little son breaks up from school next Friday (10 December), which feels obscenely early. While we will have fun though doing lots of Christmassy things, it feels as if I have one week to get Christmas organised.

I think we shall put up the trees and decorations when D has finished school. Meanwhile I have over a hundred Christmas cards to write. Thankfully managed to send the ones winging their way abroad last week. Present buying is virtually under control – I think!

It’s Christmas lunch with the girlies tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that and have their little presents are already wrapped. It’s at our favourite café, of course.

My Christmas cake is going to have to be one of those last minute recipes this year. How had I used to find the time years ago to make mincemeat, Christmas puddings and a cake, whilst working full time and being a single parent? I suppose I was a lot younger in those days.

Which reminds me, I must take the layers of dust off big son’s bedroom and make his bed. His been at Uni since September. It will be great to catch up with him. Hope he has been working hard, as it’s his final year.

Don’t suppose I shall be getting much writing done this week, but you never know. My characters have a habit of nagging me when I am busy doing other things, so I’ll keep a notebook handy.

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. I've barely started on Christmas yet. This year will be a rush because I've got lots of extra hours booked at work, including 9 to 5 on Christmas Eve. So much for my usual last minute dash round the shops!


  2. Joanne – It is amazing how we seem to fit more around a busy life. I am sure it will all fall into place.

    Doris – I'm not surprised you are not in the mood with all that is going on with you. Let's hope you have a clearer way forward with Marcel by Christmas.



  3. Ive done nearly all of my present shopping online this year, and apart from a couple of things, it was all delivered in a couple of days. This year, for the first time in years, we are not doing the xmas dinner, daughter is – so looking forward to a day of playing with grandchildren and letting someone else do the work 🙂


  4. For the past couple of years (after the cold Christmas dinner for eighteen!), we have persuaded my mother to let us each bring a savoury and sweet dish and have a buffet for Christmas lunch. There are added advantages to this as the children do not have to sit still for too long. Having said that my sisters youngest is now five and mine seven.

    I haven't any grandchildren yet and while I look forward to it, I do hope my son waits until he is settled with house and job.

    Our family expanded eighteen years ago when my mother remarried (Dad had died four years before) and my sister and I gained a sister and brother with their associated families. All good fun at Christmas as we thankfully all get on, but very noisy!! Mx


  5. Hi Flowerpot,
    I'm not surprised you can't work up any enthusiasm with your husband in hospital. I do hope you are at least able to spend some time together over the Christmas period. Mx


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