Research Opportunities

Research opportunities are everywhere. I find when I am writing about a particular subject or era references to it flood into my life. This is what I call “red car theory” (I’ll write that book one day!). In other words, if you buy a red car you will see many like it on the road… Continue reading Research Opportunities

Active Imagination

I had a lovely time at writing group on Friday. I made a new friend, Susan Watson, who is having a book published next year with a fantastic title “Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes – A Recipe for Success!” by Rickshaw Publishing. We had a talk by D.M. Harrison who writes westerns for Robert Hale.… Continue reading Active Imagination

Yorkshire Tea

Well I did it. I submitted my contemporary romance ‘Rosie’s Mystery Man’ to the Mills and Boon New Voices competition at It felt like leaving a child at school for their first day. Scary or what? I’ve had some good comments, although the strange rating system seems to be causing people problems. I sat… Continue reading Yorkshire Tea

More Thoughts on Energy

My Aunt was taken ill on Friday and ended up having emergency surgery on Sunday night. It made me philosophise even more on thought energy. Her illness would have affected the thoughts of immediate family, followed by close family and then more distant family, followed by friends and neighbours. It would also have affected all… Continue reading More Thoughts on Energy

The Energy of Birthdays

As it was my birthday yesterday, I was just pondering the effect of a birthday. I must be feeling philosophical today! It is the anniversary of your birth of course and makes you one year older. (She pauses to feel aches and pains!) Much more than this though is the fact that people think of… Continue reading The Energy of Birthdays

How Exciting…

Just found out that I won a blog competition run by Michelle Styles guesting on Christina Phillips’ blog to celebrate the publication of Forbidden, her debut Berkeley sensation. Even more exciting as it is my birthday today – so an extra birthday present for me! The competition was to post about something interesting that you… Continue reading How Exciting…

The Summer has flown…

The summer has flown by this year. Normally I’m scratching my head trying to decide what to do with Daniel, but this hasn’t happened at all this time. The house is in need of an autumn spring clean (I never seem to keep to my cleaning routine when Daniel is at home) and I’m still… Continue reading The Summer has flown…