The Energy of Birthdays

As it was my birthday yesterday, I was just pondering the effect of a birthday. I must be feeling philosophical today! It is the anniversary of your birth of course and makes you one year older. (She pauses to feel aches and pains!) Much more than this though is the fact that people think of you on this day, probably in many different ways, hopefully mainly positive.

Cards and messages arrived from many different countries, from family and from old and new friends. These cards, e-mails, text messages and Facebook entries mean that all of these people have had to think of me and care enough to tap the keys or write. Beyond this there are probably also a smattering of people who remembered it was my birthday but didn’t feel the need to act. All those energetic thoughts winging their way to little me!

I still think about my father and mother-in-law on their birthdays even though they are no longer with us, so maybe this focus of energy on an individual goes even beyond the grave. In conclusion, a birthday is a celebration of an individual and what they bring or have brought to the world. I must double my efforts to remember birthdays in future.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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