How Exciting…

Just found out that I won a blog competition run by Michelle Styles guesting on Christina Phillips’ blog to celebrate the publication of Forbidden, her debut Berkeley sensation. Even more exciting as it is my birthday today – so an extra birthday present for me!

The competition was to post about something interesting that you have found during your research. I put up some names that I have discovered during family history research, namely Fanny Pee, Bathsheba Biddle (a nail maker’s daughter) and Felix Wildblood (who was a plasterer). I think Felix is worthy of a character in a Mills and Boon. Hmm, maybe I should write that one! I won four of Michelle’s books The Gladiator Honour, A Noble Captive, Sold & Seduced and The Roman’s Virgin Mistress. Look forward to reading those.

On the birthday note – I wasn’t looking forward to this birthday and kept trying to ignore it. However, during the week a steady trickle of cards started to arrive from all parts of the globe and yesterday a steady stream of visitors. By the time I got to bed I had begun to feel very blessed with my wonderful friends and family. So Happy Birthday me and many more returns.

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Author of romantic suspense novels.
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