More Thoughts on Energy

My Aunt was taken ill on Friday and ended up having emergency surgery on Sunday night. It made me philosophise even more on thought energy.

Her illness would have affected the thoughts of immediate family, followed by close family and then more distant family, followed by friends and neighbours. It would also have affected all of the people at the hospital with whom she came into contact. At some point I must do the calculation of roughly how many people this event would have affected.

For my part I had a fitful night sleep punctuated by dreams of my Granddad (my Aunt’s father). By daybreak I had convinced myself that she had not survived the night, but thankfully that was incorrect. She has had two tumours removed and one to go. She has been constantly in my thoughts since I found out and I wonder how many others are thinking of her constantly too.

Moral of today’s tale I suppose has to be – Live for today. Decide what is important to you and do that. I was reading a blog over at Word Wenches this morning
And particularly liked part of Mary Jo Putney’s entry. I quote “In my experience, it’s best to concentrate on what’s essential, let the rest go, and don’t blame yourself for not being superwoman.”

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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