Active Imagination

I had a lovely time at writing group on Friday. I made a new friend, Susan Watson, who is having a book published next year with a fantastic title “Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes – A Recipe for Success!” by Rickshaw Publishing.

We had a talk by D.M. Harrison who writes westerns for Robert Hale. Apparently Robert Hale is the only British publisher handling westerns at the moment. I don’t normally read this genre, but it was fascinating getting an insight into her writing journey. I was so high when I came out I came home in a hovercraft! I think it goes to prove that writers should try to meet up with other writers to re-energise.

Big son went back to university on Friday night and I always feel strange when he does. This could have been the last summer he lives at home as he graduates next summer.

I continue to be fascinated by the feedback I am getting on my Mills and Boon New Voices story “Rosie’s Mystery Man” ( This is one of those stories that keeps playing out and evolving in my head. This one plays during the day and my historical one starts as soon as I get into bed! I was contemplating the feel of the tip of a steel sword and how to describe it on paper last night. Good job I have an over active imagination.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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