Do I Need Them?

Do I need New Year’s resolutions? I found myself straying to them when I woke this morning. Would I be better calling them goals for 2011? Or not having any at all?

They won’t be too different from those of previous years even if I do have them. You know what I mean, they go along the lines of – 1. Lose weight, 2. Exercise more. 3. Write more.

Of course goals are supposed to be measurable and achievable, so I guess they should read – 1. Lose two stones in weight, 2. Go to the gym three times a week, 3. Write 2000 words a day. But am I motivating myself with these, or setting myself up to feel bad later in the year?

Maybe I could set myself monthly goals, or weekly goals, or daily goals…..

Help please. How do you approach this and what would you recommend?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Hi Morton, I love New Year and always make a gazillion resolutions but never keep the weight or exercise ones so I'm not going to bother with those this year! Writing wise I think Christine makes sense when she says about making small and large achievable goals. NaNo taught me the a daily word target is good so I'm going to try for that. Also targets like 'I'll try and get this story sent out by March' or something is good. Let us know what you decide and we can cheer you on!


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