I don’t know what the technical term is for what I am doing, so I’ve called it percolating. Ideas are bubbling to the surface all the time and I’m writing them down. They are accompanied by a rush of excitement and anticipation and I know that I am going to have a writing splurge shortly. This is much more positive than the situation described on my last blog and really the only difference is that I’ve stopped beating myself up about my writing and am allowing my process to happen. I’ve even bought a couple of new notebooks on the strength of it. So watch this space.

The change actually happened when reading Sue Moorcroft’s ‘Love Writing’. At one point she says, “Make your writing time me time, not something on your to do list”. Those few words made such a difference. Thank you Sue. I’m excited as on Saturday I am booked on her ‘Your Personal History’ course in Derby.

Meanwhile I am writing my own eulogy and funeral service, which is a little surreal, but the next task of my distance learning course. Fun too though, after all you can write what you like. So far the process has produced both laughter and tears.

On the publishing front to add to Rachel Lyndhurst’s recent publication of ‘Storm’s Heart’ here and Serenity Woods ‘Black Hawke Down’ here, we have another title by Serenity Woods ‘Surrender Your Heart’ here. Leah Ashton, winner of the Mills and Boon New Voices competition has sold her story to Mills and Boon . Another friend Susan Watson has confirmed the publication of her wonderfully titled ‘Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes’ in July here. Congratulations to you all.

If I have missed anyone out please let me know.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. So true about writing being 'me' time. I tend to get that more in the evenings. I'm trying harder to do stuff during the day, but other stuff (kids, housework etc) just gets in the way. RSI not helping either. But it is great when a new (plot) bunny surfaces. I use Onenote to note my new ideas down.


  2. Christine – I am really enjoying 'Love Writing'. She has a way of writing that things stick in my head, instead of going in one eye and out of the other. Lol.

    Teresa – Did you read Serenity's comment on my last post? I felt very contrite after that, but find it very difficult to ignore my housework. OneNote is very good for idea parking. One way I have found to give myself writing time in the day is to use the kitchen timer – 30 mins writing, 30 mins housework or paperwork. Try it. Mx


  3. Just read Serenity's post. Actually, Nano taught me to keep writing, and not go over the old stuff… get first draft written etc. then edit. So I have no problem with that.

    By no means is my house gleaming… but I do need to at least put the hoover around the house (downstairs at least) once a week! And obviously the other is dishwashing. I actually sling lots of stuff in the dishwasher that I should really hand wash to sometimes save me time 😛

    Lol! I use my kitchen timer, and the timer on my phone, too! I think I'll be able to organise myself better once I have a full day to myself. Currently only get three hours. So I do what I can in those three hours, and usually the housework etc. when he's home (bad mummy!).


  4. Ooh you girls are way more angelic than me 🙂 My house is tidy, but when I get the polish out, the furniture's like: woah, what the hell's this shiny stuff?!

    Thanks for the mention, Morton, I really appreciate it. I hope I didn't come off as bossy last post, it was said slightly tongue in cheek (although it was all true!) I was just trying to convince you that your writing is important, certainly more important than a bit of dust on the tabletop, and you don't need justification to put it before vacuuming. I give you permission 🙂


  5. Hi Girls,
    As you may have gathered my husband works abroad Monday to Friday. I used to rush around making the house spotless for his return, then one week I didn't. I asked if he had noticed anything different and you've guessed it – he hadn't. Since then I haven't done as much housework. Conclusion the housework I do is for my benefit or writing avoidance/thinking time. Just off to hypnotise myself to do more writing. Lol. Mx


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