Where has all the writing gone?

I am not doing very well with my writing at the moment. Accepting that it is half term and hubbie is working away, so my opportunities are reduced anyway. Writing class is on a two week break too and that always gets the creative juices going. However, these things are not the problem. Instead I find myself caught in the guilt and desire war.

I want to work on my novel, but I should be working on my distance learning course. I want to work on my novel, but I should be ironing, tidying the house, decorating…. The result of these internal fights is inaction. I achieve nothing of significance. I tell myself I’ll do a little housework and then I’ll write, but then the opportunity gets hijacked by phone calls or visits. When I finally sit down in the evening (after many journeys upstairs to settle little one) I’m too tired to write. I seem to need more sleep at the moment so my wonderful early starts are not happening.

I’m driving myself mad. The reason for writing this blog is to give myself a great big kick up the backside. Where has all my Nanowrimo discipline gone? Do you have this problem? How do you deal with it please?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. Oh do I have this problem. It's not helping at the moment that my RSI has flared up, so that keeps me away. I am trying to let The Wedding Favour rest, but that's left me in a limbo. I know I need to do my 7th Assignment, but is stuck, and terrible at researching the magazines. This one has really been done for assignment sake… which is naughty, because really, if I want to make money with writing, I need to do this properly – but my hearts not in it. I want to write fiction.

    Vicious circle really. Because although still hard to get an article published (and paid for) it technically is easier than getting a novel or even a short story.

    You're not the only one. Just go with your heart's desire though… and stick with the novel. Just ignore the housework unless you know you've got visitors!


  2. Most people who write probably go through episodes like this. I know I do.

    I can have really good spells of being very productive, but then suddenly I run out of energy and almost can't bear to look at whatever I'm supposed to be working on. It's frustrating, but now I've come to accept it as part of my pattern. I just do other things for a while until I feel ready to begin writing again. I tend to find that happens pretty quickly, usually within a couple of weeks.

    Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure it's only a blip!


  3. Hi Morton

    You asked me to be strict with you, so here goes 🙂

    Here's my advice: forget about housework, after a while the house can't get any dustier. 🙂 Something's gotta give, and it shouldn't be your writing, if you're serious about being a writer.

    Promise you'll do a certain number of words a day, it doesn't matter how many, 1000, 500 or even 100, and you won't do anything else until those words are done. There's always something that needs doing around the house, and if you get the urgent stuff done, there's windows to wash or gardens to weed. Ignore it. It'll still be there the next day 🙂

    Get something on paper, even if it's rubbish. Don't keep reading back what you've done or you'll just keep editing. Read back the last sentence you wrote to remind yourself where you are, then get going – that's definitely the best advice I can give to getting a mss finished. Write every day – get that daily goal done, even weekends, birthdays, Christmas Day 🙂 Tell everyone you're unavailable until the daily count's done – don't answer the phone or the door. Be stern with yourself.

    Keep a daily log pinned to the wall in front of you. Make a table and ensure you fill in a total every day, with a running total to the side. Give yourself treats (not necessarily food!, maybe gold stars or something) every time you hit 5,000, 10,000 words etc.

    NaNoWriMo taught me constant, regular writing is the only way to finish a book if you don't want it to take a lifetime. And taking yourself seriously as a writer. You are a writer – I've read your stuff, and it's great – it's need to be out there! Get that novel finished – I want to read it!!!


  4. Teresa – I know what you mean about the restrictions of a course. It has really made me question whether I want to continue after this module as the formal study interferes with my fiction writing.
    Joanne – I think it is/was just a phase and maybe I’ve been a bit hard on myself because I’ve had an ear infection which affected my balance and made me feel grotty.
    Serenity – I consider my backside well and truly kicked! Lol. No you are right, if I really want to do this I have to go for it. My word count has been slowly creeping up again and will definitely do so next week when son back at school.


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