Why does everything fall on the floor when you can’t bend down?

I have been pondering some of life’s laws today. Having just had an operation, I realise that one of these universal laws is that everything falls onto the floor when you can’t bend down to retrieve it.

One week after the operation and I can proficiently retrieve quite a few things from the floor with the end of a coat hanger. Having said that, my six year old had to pick up a tomato from the kitchen floor and help me get my pants from where they had fallen at the side of my dressing table this morning. I guess all the parents at school will now know that I wear big pants like Bridget Jones, as my little darling ran out of the room laughing about the size of them – cue red face in the playground, or maybe all will be forgotten by the time I can drive again.

As a first time blogger, I’m feeling a little unsure at this stage, but then I think I’ll just go for it and see what happens.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com

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