It’s okay not to be perfect

Being a Virgo, I have tried all my life to be perfect! I have very high standards for every aspect of my life and it can lead to deep dissatisfaction if I don’t achieve them.

The problem with being like this and a writer, is that I do not send out many of my pieces to competitions and publishers because they never feel good enough. Then I look at the winning entries and think that mine was better than that.

I have recently been reading some books by Elizabeth Chadwick and they have helped me enormously with this problem (I hope!). The first book she had published, “The Wild Hunt”, was good but by the time she wrote “Shields of Pride” her writing had developed and I am now reading “Daughters of the Grail”, which is in a different league entirely. the point I am making is that maybe I should allow my writing to progress, rather than expecting it to be perfect from day one. Incidentally, Elizabeth Chadwick has a very good website

My resolution, confirmed be posting it here, is to send out more of my work, rather than keep getting disillusioned with it. Otherwise Morton Gray will only discovered posthumously.

Right. Where are those envelopes and stamps?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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