May the Force be with you

I awoke feeling uneasy today. As I have no particular reason for this it set me thinking about vibes in the air and telepathy.

If I were in the cast of Star Wars I would be saying that I felt a disturbance in the Force. But is the uneasy feeling part of me? Is it the residue of a dream, an unconscious worry, a premonition? Or am I picking up wider vibrations of family unease or even world-wide events?

When I was a teenager I was fascinated by telepathy. I discovered that nine times out of ten I could summon my mother to my room with concentrated thought – or was that just wishful thinking.

How many times do you speak about or think about a friend only for them to ring you a few moments later or else to meet them in the supermarket? There has to be some connection, doesn’t there?

So does telepathy exist? I did have one lover who was particularly susceptible to me thought waves and this was very useful for achieving complete satisfaction but most of the time my attempts at telepathy are rather hit and miss.

Can we develop this skill? Just think how much it would save on telephone bills!

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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