Crafty Thoughts

I’d forgotten how much my soul needs to be creative. Feeling energised and inspired this morning and not just about the polymer beads I learned to make yesterday. Somehow the experience of being out of my usual routine, meeting new people and learning a new skill has rewired my brain which previously was becoming dull and lifeless. The day just flew by yesterday and my back aches today from concentration. It is always a pleasure to attend courses at the beautiful Farncombe Estate in Broadway – it is worth going just for the panoramic view.

I left home rather stressed, as I’d had to get ready early whilst trying to extract myself from usual morning duties at home. I hadn’t driven more than a mile before I found huge hot air balloons drifting low across the sky before me – magical! Then I listened to the news on Radio 4 and learned that a UK resident had won £54m on the lottery. Had a few moments of deciding how I would spend the money and then I discovered a lovely Celtic CD in the car. There were hardly any cars on the road and I spent the rest of the journey speeding along in a relaxed trance.

The course tutor was lovely, just as I had imagined her, crafty and a little scruffy, so willing to take ideas on board and accommodate the needs of the group. As always I was struck by the links between the group members in terms of occupation, homes, study and interests. It would be interesting to have a helicopter view on how people select a course and what brings these groups together. The spiritual part of me thinks that we gather on purpose to perform healing and past life linkages on some level.

Regardless of any of this, I left at 4.30pm with a bag of beads made by little me. These will inspire jewellery projects made from the precious products of my imagination and possible a whole new foray into this craft. I also had an intense desire to pass on the skills I have learned to Mum, sister, friends and my little boy. Money well spent I think.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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