What Fun

I finally gave in to some new characters. They appeared in my head and demanded that I try Nanowrimo. For those who don’t know, Nanowrimo is an annual writing challenge held in November. The idea is that participants write a 50,000 word novel during the month. It isn’t a competition, rather a personal achievement. See http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/whatisnano for details.

If I am honest, I was dreading it, as I saw only the pressure to perform and the fear of failure. Three days in and I am loving it. The story is literally coming out of my ears. I think I am channelling! I had completed today’s target by 10am and have made numerous quick notes during the day to point me in the right direction for tomorrow’s writing. I expect things might get a bit harder further in, but I’m not allowing myself to think of that for now. The great thing is that loads of my friends are taking part too, so there is plenty support and encouragement around.

The Nanowrimo website is rather annoying, as it does not seem to be able to cope with the volume of users and crashes frequently. It also seems to take forever to change something on your account.

The main thing for me is that I am having so much fun with the writing. Maybe my true voice is emerging at last. I am busy researching in between writing – ancient curses, talismans and herbal medicine. I’m going to pace myself, so I am aiming for 1,700 words a day. Giving myself a gold star for today’s performance.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. Nano is great… and I'm seeing all the posts from the M&B friends I've made. Part of me wishes I'd just dropped everything and joined in 😉 (But then I really would be putting that 6th assignment off).

    Next year…

    But hey, it's doing what it should be doing and getting you to write. Good luck.


  2. Hi Theresa,
    I have put off my assignment to do Nano – having said that, I'm tending to get my word target by 10am each day, so I suppose I can't use that excuse to my tutor. Mx

    Hi Xandra,
    I can't explain why this way of writing is different, but it is! I'm enjoying myself too. Mx


  3. Im glad you're having fun. Another of my friends is doing the same thing and she's sitting there with the story coming out of her ears. It is quite funny to be mid conversation with her and she suddenly says “Ah I've got it”

    I hope you keep enjoying it. xx


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