The Big Question

I think that I have now proved to myself, by taking part in Nanowrimo, that I can write around 2000 words a day towards a novel fairly easily. My big question is – how do I do all of the other things I need to do in the day too?

Serious writers must be superhuman or else need little sleep. Focus on my Nano novel has meant that housework has all but ceased. Standards have definitely dropped. My husband has to keep reminding me about the things he needs ironing (like work trousers at 5.15 am this morning!). My ironing pile is huge. My ironing room, aka spare bedroom, is full. I just hope that we don’t have visitors soon, unless they are champion ironers.

I keep forgetting to get things out of the freezer for tea, resulting in last minute dashes to the supermarket or beans on toast. Luckily here, beans on toast are my hubbie’s favourite boiler fuel.

My hobbies are sadly neglected. Un-knitted wool glares at me from under the table. My family tree is wilting. The massive pile of unread magazines is threatening to take over one side of my study. I’ve bought my Christmas cards, despite having craft materials enough to stock Hobbycraft.

All I keep hoping is that I get faster at writing or else become desensitised to my to do list. Or of course earn a fortune from writing. So how do you do it all?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. The squalor is a badge of honour I reckon. But there's also a lot to be said for getting Sainsbury's to deliver your shopping and having a cleaner in for a couple of hours a week! And diversifying into Dolmio …



  2. I read Sue Moorcroft's blog and she seems like the busiest writer alive! And it scares me. (She does quote sleep is for the weak! lol!)

    Just need to organise your time. Maybe do some chores first, then sit down to the writing – then you can do that guilt free.

    With my Writer's Bureau coursework, I'm supposed to read more mags/newspapers and fail at this 'research' (one because I'd rather be reading a good book), but it is all fitting it all in. Hence, I'm waiting for my slow cooker to arrive 😛

    Don't fret about it too much, just try to 'plan' your days better, so slot the writing in around it – oh and just give up TV!


  3. Thank you for your comments. If I did the chores first Teresa – I'd never do any writing at all. I've settled for a 30 minutes on 30 minutes off regime, which seems to work for me. I write for 30 mins and then for the next 30 mins I do chores or paperwork. I'll let you know how I get on. It makes the time between school runs seem so short! We'll see. Should hit 20,000 words on my Nano novel today, so feeling quite good about progress. Mx


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