I’ve been away and I never like to advertise my holidays on social media sites, so I apologise to those who thought I’d disappeared or ignored them.

We went to East Devon and unfortunately the weather wasn’t particularly kind. The place we stayed was lovely, with lots of activities for little one. The second week a child of a similar age moved into the other cottage and friendships were made whilst collecting the duck eggs! Hubbie re-discovered fly fishing and I discovered metal detecting. 42 finds all iron, but exciting nevertheless. I am totally hooked.

Our travels took us to Chesil Beach, Lyme Regis and Stonehenge.

Hope everyone has had a great summer. I’ll be back blogging regularly shortly.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Good to see you back, Morton and pleased you had lovely time.

    in the meantime I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. When you've got a minute check my blog for details.


  2. Thanks all – I think the metal detecting could become another hobby, but would it add to or detract from my writing? Opinions please.

    Kate – thank you for the award. I was nominated before, but as it is for new blogs and I've been going since 2009 I didn't think I qualified! Mx


  3. I love that part of the world. The metal detecting sounds fascinating, I once met a man who did that along the banks of the Thames and found hundreds of pins used in Elizabethan times for holding on neck ruffs. I posted about it on my blog yonks ago. The finds can be a real link to the past.


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