December being such a short month this year and Christmas coming early!

I once sat next to a colleague at work as he was making excuses on the telephone for not having completed a piece of work. In a voice without any hesitation he pronounced, ‘What with December being such a short month this year and Christmas coming early…’ We never let him forget his words, but I think I’ve started to believe them!

Finishing NaNoWriMo on 28 November, I went into a sort of shock. The post Nano decline made it impossible to write anything or even think logically. I may have completed 50,000 plus words in November, I hope coherently, but I haven’t written hardly anything since.

Following the Nano shock came Christmas panic. I have now written a family newsletter, 144 cards and purchased all of the presents. Phew! Now I wonder why I set myself such impossible targets. The quilted Christmas table runner I began before Nano still needs 75 gold stars stitched into it. I am also making a quilted mat for my Mom – needless to say it is nowhere near finished and the one I planned for my sister not even started. Mmm revision of goals needed perhaps?

I’m also helping a friend with her family tree – no pressure, she wants to give it to her son on his 50th birthday at the beginning of February! However, this one lights me up, I love tracing family trees. Gold stars may lose out to ancestors.

My diary for 2012 lies empty, not because I haven’t anything to put into it, but because I need to sit down and transfer everything over. Last day of term today – I wonder if I could trust my eight year old to write in all the birthdays? He’s just graduated to pen at school and his handwriting is far better than mine. He was star of the week for a poem – A recipe for Christmas – I can’t tell you how proud I was, particularly as he wrote the lot in class so the teacher couldn’t claim parental assistance. Maybe he has a few of my genes and we do have Browning ancestors!

Anyway less rambling. If I don’t get around to blogging again before Christmas, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. You mean it isn't a short month and it isn't coming early? I can hardly believe it's sort of nect week – I haven't put the tree up yet! I will, however, manage to decorate one of the Christmas cakes this afternoon so I can take it to my gran on Sunday.

    The quilting sounds lovely. I keep meaning to do some myself. And family trees are always revealing!

    Have fun, however quickly Chrismas arrives…


  2. Thank you for the comments. I'm sure we'll all arrive at Christmas day as ready as we are meant to be. I just love the time with family and feeling free for a few days. Hopefully the writing will start to flow too – writing loads of ideas in my notebook! Mx


  3. Wow you are a busy woman! It's always a good thing to let your draft sit for a bit–at least that's what I'd tell myself 😉 I think NaNo has their official editing month in January anyway. I think you more than deserve the busy holiday season off.


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