United by Remembrance

Walking down the road today, it was lovely to see how many people were wearing poppies. There were a fair number of cars and lorries sporting them too. It struck me that so many people from so many different walks of life are united by the simple act of buying and wearing a poppy.

One of my main pastimes is tracing family trees. In my own tree, both of my grandfathers were in reserved occupations for the second world war, but my own personal roll of honour includes:-

First World War

Alfred Beddows born 1881. 14th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Died 22 April 1918 the Somme. Buried Bouzincourt Ridge Cemetery, Somme, France.


Second World War

Cyril Hall born 1923. Mess Room Boy, SS Empire Airman (Merchant Navy). Died 21 September 1940. The ship was torpedoed by a U boat and sank. Thirty-three of the thirty-seven crew died, including Cyril, who was just 17.

So I would ask you to wear your poppy with pride.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. Old photos of young men in uniform are always so moving – I can't help thinking of all the potential in them that was never to be. One of my relatives was killed in the First World War but I haven't had time to do my tree yet. I did find his name in the Imperial War Museum's list, though, I think. Thanks for this blogpost.


  2. Linda if you want to get any writing done don't start your family tree! On the other hand if you want to find a lot of information which can be used for book plots then do! It is a very time consuming but enjoyable pastime.

    I agree with you about the photos of young men in uniform. I have written a poem about my big son and how I would feel if it was him killed in the war. I may share it on my blog tomorrow. Thank you for commenting. Mx


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