My Favourite 16 books of 2013

In 2013 I read a steady 2.73 books a month, which seems miraculous given the little time I give myself for reading. I rate the books I read – out of 5 for writing and 5 for plot – then I add them together and come up with a score. This year the books I awarded 8 stars and above were:-

Pamela’s War by Cheryl Vines (8 stars)

One Day For Me (short stories) by Sally Jenkins (9 stars)

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (10 stars)

Old Friends 13 Coffee Break Stories by Sally Jenkins (8 stars)

Move Over Darling by Christine Stovell (8 stars)

Knowing Me Knowing You by Mandy Baggott (8 stars)

To Turn Full Circle by Linda Mitchelmore (8 stars)

Hubble Bubble by Jane Lovering (9 stars)

The Class Ceiling by Kerry Fisher (9 stars)

Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes (10 stars)

Security by Mandy Baggott (8 stars)

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriaty (9 stars)

Woman Walks Into a Bar by Rowan Coleman (8 stars)

Son of the Morning by Linda Howard (8 stars)

Is This Love by Sue Moorcroft (9 stars)

Tangled Lives by Hilary Boyd (10 stars)

Looking forward to a whole lot more reading (and writing) in 2014.

Please share your favourite reads of the Year below.

About Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.
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16 Responses to My Favourite 16 books of 2013

  1. Kate Blackadder says:

    I like your rating system. And I agree with your 10-* choices.


  2. Kerry Fisher says:

    I am so flattered to make the list, especially one that contains Jojo Moyes…Thank you so much. My favourite book of the year was Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty but also loved The Husband's Secret xx


  3. Honey, that is awesome!!!!!! Yay for you. You give me a reason to get up in the morning.


  4. That's a great list! Well done you for reading so many. I need to add 'Read more books' to my New Years Resolutions list!


  5. Kate – thank you!


  6. Kerry I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I recommended it to a friend and she loved it too. I'll put Apple Tree Yard on my tbr pile.


  7. I very rarely allow myself to sit and read, but I do like to read before going to sleep. I've only read a fraction of the number of books my husband reads. I think you'd enjoy any of those on the above list. Oh that I could write as well as these authors!


  8. sallyjenkins says:

    I'm over the moon to make your list, Morton! Thank you so much and very best wishes for 2014


  9. Thank you! Move Over Darling wasn't the easiest of books to write but I felt very proud to have pushed through the pain barrier to finish it and I'm absolutely thrilled to bits that it made it to your list. Makes the hard work worthwhile. All best wishes to you for 2014.


  10. Flowerpot says:

    Great list – I;ve read quite a few of them but good to have some recommendations! X


  11. Gosh, how wonderful to find myself on this list….thank you so much, Morton…a great start to 2014 for me, and everyone else there, I'm sure. HAPPY NEW YEAR and all success to you.


  12. Happy New Year Sally! I enjoyed your books very much. Mx


  13. Happy New Year to you Christine. These books are pesky things to write at times. Mx


  14. I hope you enjoy them Flowerpot and best wishes for 2014! Mx


  15. Linda, I admire anyone who has given birth to a book. Mine are still in the labour stage! Happy New Year. Mx


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