Giving Birth to a Book Baby

When I was working towards publication, I used to think it very strange that authors referred to their books as their book babies. Now that I am published I understand…

It is easy to compare the writing and editing phase of writing a novel to being pregnant. You also choose the nursery furniture and baby’s clothes, aka the cover, blurb, title, but I hadn’t anticipated the excitement and also anxiety of publication birth!

As an author, you have built yourself up to this day, done all of the required edits and usually spoken about your book on blogs and even the radio. Can you tell I was at radio Hereford and Worcester today? Interview airs on Thursday 2 March 2017 on the Tammy Gooding show between 2 and 3 pm.

I can’t describe the euphoria of seeing my book cover for The Girl on the Beach finally appear on iBooks,,, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Google play. All of those months of anticipation and it had happened – I was a published author at last.


This excitement was immediately followed with anxiety – Would people read my book? Would they like the story and my characters? Would they leave me the all important reviews and would they be good ones?

I found that I was suddenly having to market myself too, with blog posts asking about my past history and how I had come to write this story. Writers tend to spend a lot of time closeted away on their own, so the spotlight has at times been uncomfortable and strange. I’m essentially shy.

Co-incidentally, Jane Lovering, who also writes for Choc Lit, was messaging me this morning about a forthcoming appearance on this blog. Her new book is out on 28 March 2017 and she said, I quote – “I love this lead up to publication! It’s like waiting to give birth, i.e. still all perfect and full of expectations, before the screaming and crying starts.” The co-incidence of her saying that made me feel it was time to write this blog.

As for my book, The Girl on the Beach is now in the school playground and it is very difficult not to check the reviews and ratings to see how it is faring in the wide world. It is still a mystery to me what makes the difference to rankings on different sites. So far, the highlights for my book have been reaching No 2 on Kobo’s Romantic Suspense chart, 25 in their Fiction and Literature chart and 106 on’s Romantic Suspense chart.

I would ask that if any of you have read my book and liked it, please take a moment to post a short review on the site where you bought it, as it seems to make a real difference to buyers.

Another analogy with giving birth in real life, is that as soon as you have shown friends and relatives your new bouncing baby, they ask when he/she will be having a brother/sister. I’m working hard at that in the background, I promise –another book, not another baby! Lol.


By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Your brother or sister analogy made me laugh out loud, Morton! Delighted to hear you’re still finding time to write book two, whilst enjoying all the fun and games of promoting The Girl on the Beach : )

    Liked by 1 person

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