Character Post by Elodie Bright, heroine of Kirsty Ferry’s Watch for me by Moonlight

Elodie Bright, heroine of Kirsty Ferry‘s Watch for me by Moonlight, has her say on my blog today. Welcome Elodie


“Well it’s another nice and normal day at Hartsford Hall. I’m currently in the gift shop, and I can see a whole crowd of tourists wandering en masse in the grounds. It’s quite comical, as the tour guide is a tiny little man and he’s got a giant golf umbrella held aloft so they can see him. The umbrella is emblazoned with a German brand of beer so I’m presuming the tourists are German too.

I suppose I’d better introduce myself before they stampede their way in here to buy souvenirs. I’m Elodie Bright and I was born and brought up in the village of Hartsford, in Suffolk. I moved away to London for a few years, and I was lucky enough to have a career I loved in costume design, and I worked with all the top theatres and museums. However, I was unlucky enough to end up marrying an unfaithful idiot, and when my health took a hit along with my whole self-esteem thing, I decided to get out while there was enough of me left to save. So I came back home.

Things had changed around here, though. The old Earl of Hartsford had died, and now that title is held by Alex. I’ve always been really close to Alex. He and I grew up alongside one another and we were always together. Alex inherited the estate when it was on the verge of bankruptcy, and I’ve heard things were pretty bad for him too. But he’s turned the place around, opened the Hall to the public and he’s done really well. I can maybe admit to you that I have certain feelings about Alex that probably deserve to be buried, but I can’t quite do it completely, although I’ve tried. Never mind. It’s all quite silly, as I doubt he’s ever really thought of me like that.

Anyway, it’s getting a bit grim out there, and the tourists are heading my way, so I’d better go and smile at them. The clouds are really building up, actually, and the sun’s been blotted out. I guess we’re in for a bit of a thunderstorm. It’ll probably clear the air, as it’s quite sort of heavy atmosphere-wise. Oh well – nothing I can do about it. So long as I can stay in here all warm and dry, and nothing gets damaged on the estate, my nice, normal day can continue…”

Thank you, Elodie, that has made me want to read more of your story. What an interesting cover – I had to show it full sized, so that readers can see the detail.


About Watch for me by Moonlight Book 1 in the Hartsford Mysteries Series by Kirsty Ferry:-

“It was the first full moon since that night. She waited and watched by moonlight, as she had promised …”

When her life in London falls apart, Elodie Bright returns to Suffolk and to Hartsford Hall, the home of her childhood friend Alexander Aldrich, now the Earl of Hartsford. There, she throws herself into helping Alex bring a new lease of life to the old house and its grounds.

After a freak storm damages the Hall chapel and destroys the tomb of Georgiana Kerridge, one of Alex’s eighteenth-century relatives, Elodie and Alex find a reconnection in the shocking discovery brought to light by the damaged tomb.

Through a series of strange flashbacks and uncanny incidents, they begin to piece together Georgiana’s secret past involving a highwayman, a sister’s betrayal and a forbidden love so strong that it echoes through the ages …

Buying Links for Watch for me by Moonlight :–

Details from Kirsty’s Choc Lit author pages

About the Author

Kirsty Author Pic

Kirsty is from the North East of England and won the English Heritage/Belsay Hall National Creative Writing competition in 2009 with the ghostly tale ‘Enchantment‘.

Her timeslip novel, ‘Some Veil Did Fall‘, a paranormal romance set in Whitby, was published by Choc Lit in Autumn 2014. This was followed by another Choc Lit timeslip, ‘The Girl in the Painting‘ in February 2016 and ‘The Girl in the Photograph’ in March 2017. October 2017 saw the release of ‘Watch for me by Moonlight’,  ‘A Little Bit of Christmas Magic’ and ‘Every Witch Way, again, all published by Choc Lit. The experience of signing ‘Some Veil Did Fall‘ in a quirky bookshop in the midst of Goth Weekend in Whitby, dressed as a recently undead person was one of the highlights of her writing career so far!

Kirsty’s day-job involves sharing a Georgian building with an eclectic collection of ghosts – which can sometimes prove rather interesting.

You can find out more about Kirsty and her work at, catch her on her Facebook Author Page or follow her on Twitter @kirsty_ferry.

If you have any questions or comments for Kirsty or Elodie please post them in the comments box.


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