Review of Publication Week – The Truth Lies Buried

What a week! My second novel for Choc Lit The Truth Lies Buried was published on 1 May on all e-book platforms.

My day started with breakfast with my bestie, Susan Wood. She arrived with a huge bunch of flowers and we were both very excited.

I then went on to my regular monthly meeting with other writers at Bevere, Worcester. It was a super meeting as usual and my friend, Janice Preston had a book out on the same day too Lady Cecily and the Mysterious Mr Gray. We had photographs together and even did a short Facebook Live video ably filmed by Alison May – see video here. Elizabeth Hanbury gave us both lovely bunches of tulips and I received a fantastic card from Lynn Forth in celebration.

The Truth Lies Buried hadn’t been read by many beta readers, mainly Margaret Ruess-Newland at a very early stage, so I was unsure how it would be received by readers. A big phew from me when lovely reviews began to come in.


I am overwhelmed by support from other writers and wonderful bloggers. I got sore fingers from typing thank you so many times and paid for my hours staring at the screen with a migraine the next day.

During the week the book achieved a number one tag on in what might seem a strange category – Hot New Releases in Carving Crafts! My hero in the book, Carver Rodgers is a specialist carpenter and chainsaw carver, so I think he would be both amused and thrilled with this accolade!



About The Truth Lies Buried

Two children in a police waiting room, two distressed mothers, a memory only half remembered…

When Jenny Simpson returns to the seaside town of Borteen, her childhood home, it’s for a less than happy reason. But it’s also a chance for her to start again.

A new job leads to her working for Carver Rodgers, a man who lives alone in a house that looks like it comes from the pages of a fairy tale – until you see the disaster zone inside …

As Jenny gets to know Carver she begins to unravel the sadness that has led to his chaotic existence. Gradually they realise they have something in common that is impossible to ignore – and it all links back to a meeting at a police station many years before.

Could the truth lie just beneath their feet?


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The Girl on the Beach published by Choc Lit is available as a paperback and from all eBook platforms – Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Google Play.

The Truth Lies Buried is available from all eBook platforms – Choc LitAmazonKoboiBooks


By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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