Five Things You Would Never Guess About Author Jane Cable

I’m pleased to welcome fellow Apricot Plots author, Jane Cable to my blog today to share five things that you would never guess about her. I’m loving this feature as I’m finding out more depth about other authors. Over to Jane

Jane Cable (compressed)

Jane Cable says …

Some of my great passions are easy to guess from my books; my fascination with people, my love of history and of the beauty of the British countryside. Readers may also work out that my girlfriends are hugely important to me – as is the wise council of the older generation. But when Morton asked me to write about what readers mightn’t guess I was left scratching my head so please excuse this rather eclectic mix!

1. Love at first sight

I believe fervently in love at first sight. A month before my twentieth birthday, it happened to me.

I was on a little road trip around Devon and Cornwall with my shag buddy (no, Generation Y, you didn’t invent them) when he suggested we drop by to see a friend of his. Miles of farm track later we pitched up in a muddy yard, somewhere between Dartmoor and Exmoor, and a bloke with a shock of dark hair and the most intense eyes you’ve ever seen bounced out of the house to meet us.

Reader, I married him. And divorced him three years later. Which is probably why love at first sight doesn’t feature in my books.

2. Consciousness beyond matter

My readers might guess at this one because my novels always have a slightly ghostly or time-slippy edge. But the actual phrase is borrowed from the aims of The College of Psychic Studies which was set up by Conan Doyle and others to explore just that.

The College was a client in my business life and as a result l had access to their extensive library for research. There I discovered that this is a subject people study very seriously and I learnt to accept there are many things we don’t know – maybe can’t know – and to assume our knowledge is complete seems to me to be rather arrogant.

3. Foreign travel

So far my books are all set in the UK, with no exotic landscapes. They are led by place – which my readers do expect – but all the places are in England.

And I love to travel. When I was working at full pelt I didn’t have enough time, but now my OH and I have kicked back a little we’re making up for it. Vietnam, Cambodia, the USA. And that’s just in the first year.

But I would struggle to put these places in my books because, as a tourist, you only ever skate the surface. To write about a location, to properly take my readers there, I need to be able to live and breathe it.

4. Music radio

This has been a love for most of my life. The first thing I remember wanting to be was a DJ and I spent my later teenage years volunteering at one local radio station and my first job after graduating was at another. I worked in the newsroom, at the sports’ desk, as a producer, presenting rock music specials and scheduling adverts. I felt I was in my element.

I would still rather listen to the radio than watch TV, although now it’s more likely to be a cricket commentary demanding my attention. Although I did cry buckets when Terry Wogan died. And I’m hoping Ken Bruce is immortal.

5. Wales

I am Welsh through and through and it’s one of the most important aspects of my identity, but as yet the country hasn’t featured in my novels.

I don’t know why, because there are many beautiful places I could write about, many fascinating historical themes. Perhaps it’s the intensity that scares me, or maybe it’s all just a little too close for comfort.

But one day, one day, it just might happen.


Wow, those were interesting, thank you. And now more about Jane’s books …

Jane Cable writes romance with a twist of mystery and has just signed a deal with Sapere Books for two contemporary novels slipping back to World War Two.

Her existing books were published independently. The Cheesemaker’s House reached the final of the Alan Titchmarsh Show’s People’s Novelist competition and tells the story of a divorcee who moves to Yorkshire and meets her neighbours from the present and the past. Jane’s second novel, The Faerie Tree is about a couple who meet again twenty years after their brief affair and discover their memories of it are completely different.

Both books are available in all ebook formats with paperbacks on Amazon or by ordering from all good bookstores.

Find out more on Jane’s website (, her Facebook page ( or follow @JaneCable on Twitter.

As part of the Apricot Plots Kick Start Christmas giveaways look out for posts on Tuesday 11 December by Jane Cable as you can win a copy of The Faerie Tree. Also, there is a copy of The Cheesemaker’s House in the bundle of books whose winner will be announced on Friday 14 December – you can nominate someone to win this prize up until 14 December at 8pm GMT. Find out more by liking our Apricot Plots‘s page on Facebook and Twitter.


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By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Absolutely loved this blog. I only met lovely Jane in the flesh recently and she has sparkle, enthusiasm, generosity and she is FUN. The picture drew me in instantly to your interview with her. Like a really good cover – although I prefer Jane in jeans and a sweater. Wonderful to read; very entertaining. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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