Five Things You Would Never Guess About Author Sharon Ibbotson

It’s Sharon Ibbotson‘s turn to share five things that you would never guess about her. Sharon writes Regency romances for Choc Lit. Over to Sharon

One – I’ve had the same best friend for thirty-three years! Kim and I grew up in a small, out of the way town in Australia. We were in the same kindergarten class, we went to the same high school, played for the same hockey team, and now, we live within two train stations of each other in London. I adore her (in fact, I dedicated my newest book, A Game of Desire, to her) and she’s the first person I ever want to talk to when something- good or bad- happens. I’m fiercely loyal, and when I find someone I love, that’s it for me. Kim’s one of those forever people.


Two – I write to music. I love music, from classical to jazz to contemporary pop, and whenever I sit down to write, I put my earphones in, turn up the volume and drown everything else out but the mood I’m setting for my story. Currently, I’m listening to the Broadway revival of West Side Story, Tchaikovsky, and The Cardigans, which should be a massive hint as to the subject of my next project!

Three – I collect vintage romance novels the way other people collect stamps. I have a thing for dusty, hidden bookshops selling cheap, battered copies of romance classics. I love their smell, I love the way they feel in my hands, and I love the thrill I get when I find an early edition by one of my favourite authors. A few years ago, I was devastated when someone maliciously destroyed my early edition (complete with dust cover) of Netta Muskett’s The Light from One Star. I actually cried with happiness when I found the same book for sale in a second hand bookshop in Rochester.

Four – I posed naked for an artist friend when I was twenty years old. I know this might seem like a shocking thing to do, but actually, it was a wonderful experience. He was a wonderful painter and was doing a project on ‘naked colours’. I was his choice for ‘gold’ and we spent a few days while I sat, still and quiet, on his bed while he sketched me. I’d just had my heart broken and used the time to reflect and just generally be sad. When the painting was finished, months later, my friend showed it to me. ‘This girl has everything she needs right here,’ he told me, indicating to me in the picture, and wow, I felt shivers go down my spine. I have low self-confidence and it takes a great deal of faith to sit back and realise that you are everything you need to be, even when presented or shown with nothing at all. I don’t regret doing this at all.

Five – I told Celia Imrie that it must be lovely to be Celia Imrie. So, I ran into the actress Celia Imrie in the Nespresso store on Regents Street in London while out shopping with my mother. It was my mother who recognised her, but she was too shy to ask if she really was Celia Imrie. I wasn’t so star-struck, so I walked up to her, and said, quite casually: ‘My mother thinks you look like Celia Imrie.’ Celia Imrie, without missing a beat, said: ‘Well, that’s because I am Celia Imrie.’ I paused, and then told her: ‘Oh, well that’s very nice for you, isn’t it? Being Celia Imrie?’ Poor Celia Imrie only nodded, at which point I pulled my mother over, left them to make small talk, while I went and picked up more decaf coffee pods. I’ve never forgiven myself for being so vague and idiotic in front of such a great actress! (Celia Imrie is lovely, by the way, and a complete lady).

Who is Sharon Ibbotson?


Sharon is an Australian/Geordie writer who lives in London with her husband, son, daughter and two cats. She can be found child-wrangling by day, coffee in hand, or writing furiously by night, wine by her side. She is a voracious reader and a lover of anything romance.

About A Game of Desire

A Game of Desire is published by Choc Lit on 25 June 2019.


The Queen of Diamonds never loses …

Felicity Fox is a rarity for a woman living in the early 1800s. Not only does she frequent the ‘gambling hells’ where most ladies would not dare to tread, she can also beat any man at his own game. It’s no wonder she’s gained notoriety as the ‘Queen of Diamonds’.

Edward, Earl of Addington, despises gambling and is not exactly enamoured of Felicity Fox either, especially after she tried to swindle his family. Except now the Earl requires assistance from the Queen of Diamonds – and there’s everything to play for. But with Edward will Felicity find she’s involved in a more dangerous game than she’s ever played before?

Buying Link: here

To contact Sharon use the following links –

Twitter: @seibbotson

Facebook: Sharon Ibbotson – author

Instagram: sharonibbotson 

Thank you for joining me Sharon and sharing your secrets. Good luck with your book release on 25 June 😄


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  1. Those five things about Sharon are quite fascinating. I agree Kim is amazing + I’m a fan of Celia Imrie so it all stuck a chord with me. Great to get an insight into Sharon.
    I haven’t as yet read any of Sharon’s books but I definitely intend to soon.

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