Spotlight on Guest Author Lucy Keeling

This week I’m joined by fellow Choc Lit author Lucy Keeling. As she is a new recruit to Choc Lit, her debut Make It Up To You was published on 17 September 2019, I asked her some questions to get to know her a little better. Over to Lucy

1. Make It Up To You sounds like a fun read, what inspired it?

Originally, I wanted to try and capture that feeling you get when a relationship turns and you feel that sense of mutual attraction. That feeling that someone fancies you and you fancy them and how it affects your behaviour especially when in close proximity. Then the characters and the setting sort of built up from there.

2. Have you always written?

Recently, I needed to look back for a short story I had written years ago, and I discovered that I had actually been writing since I was a teenager. I used to write something, anything and then that would satisfy the urge, but that would only be temporary before a new thought, a new idea needed to be explored.

3. If you had to cast your book for a film, who would play the lead roles?

So, in my mind Marcus was always a bit of a Jake Gyllenhaal and Sophie was like Sarah Hyland (from Modern Family). I have actors picked out for all the rest of the characters in the series too but I don’t want to give too much away.

4. Some fun questions – Which would you choose?

  • Coffee or tea? I have to have coffee first thing then I drink brews like they’re going out of fashion.
  • Seaside or countryside? Erm, well I happen to live near to some gorgeous countryside, but I do really love the seaside too. That’s not really answered that question has is it haha. I guess I need both, I find both settings very restorative and brilliant for mapping out new ideas. (See pic)


  • Shopping or a walk? Definitely a walk. I do enjoy the odd shop but I find it much easier to get frustrated when shopping then I do walking.
  • Sweet or savoury food? I have the worst sweet tooth.
  • Fashionable or comfortable shoes? Converse or flip flops. So I guess comfortable? Check out these I’m wearing now (See pic).


  • Morning or evening person? I have two young kids that have forced me to become a morning person, but I do most of my writing in the evening. Basically I’m fine until I get too tired then I’ll find any excuse for a nap because I love and miss my sleep desperately.

5. What can we expect from you next?

I am currently finishing my revisions for book 2 in the series, this one focuses on the story of Polly and Bailey. Then I will be sending that in, and I can’t wait because I am desperate to get started on Mya’s book which is book 3.

About Lucy Keeling


Lucy Keeling is an author writing fun, sexy, stories with all of the happily ever afters. When she’s not typing at the kitchen table, she’s arranging and then re-arranging to see her friends for the occasional spot of day drinking. Lucy is currently writing the third book in a contemporary romance series, the first of which was runner-up in Choc Lit’s ‘Search for a Star’ competition which was sponsored by Your Cat magazine.

Lucy lives in Greater Manchester with her family.

To keep in touch with Lucy you can use the following links:-

Twitter is @Lucy_K_Author

Facebook Page is @lucykeelingbooks

Website is


About Make It Up To You


What do mascara wands and gardening shears have in common? Absolutely nothing! At least that’s what wannabe beauty influencer Sophie Timney thinks when her friend Polly suggests involving her brother Marcus in Sophie’s make-up tutorials. She needs more views, Marcus needs promotion for his gardening business – in Polly’s mind joining forces will help them both. Sophie isn’t so sure.

Because Marcus Bowman has a habit of getting under her skin in a way that no exfoliating face scrub ever could. But, as the views and comments on her videos begin creeping up, it becomes increasingly obvious that Sophie’s subscribers like Marcus, and what’s even worse is that Sophie might be starting to feel the same way …

Amazon buying link is:

For other markets check out Choc Lit page where you will also find a free audio short story by Lucy.


Thank you so much for joining me this week, Lucy. I do hope we get to meet in real life one day. Mx 😄



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