Carol Thomas – An Ornament I Love

This week I have a post from Carol Thomas, author of Maybe Baby. I asked her to talk about a special ornament she owns …

I don’t have many ornaments in my house, but when Morton invited me to take part in her blog to talk about an ornament I love, I knew I had the perfect one, nestled on my bookshelves.

A gift from my sister, this, Willow Tree, New Life figurine was given to my husband and me after the birth of our third daughter. It is special, not only because it marks the arrival of our daughter, but also because it reflects her very special birth. WillowTreeNew LifeOur little girl was in somewhat of a hurry to be born and took us all by surprise when labour came on suddenly. It was early on a December morning, and it was frosty outside. In the time it took my husband to go and scrape the car, I knew we wouldn’t be making it to the hospital.

When he spoke to the delivery ward, they advised us to stay where we were and that they would send an ambulance. In the meantime, with labour rapidly progressing, they remained on the phone advising my husband what to do.

Acting as midwife, he was incredibly calm and took control of the situation. Within no time at all, our gorgeous girl was safely delivered. With it being just the two of us (our other children and two dogs were keeping out of the way downstairs) it was an extraordinary moment. When I look at the figurine, it reminds me of the closeness of the time before the ambulance arrived – just the two of us, and our new baby!


My daughter’s delivery also inspired a scene in my latest book, Maybe Baby. I love reflecting on that time. It was very special, and I love the fact that twelve years on, just looking at the ornament inspires the beautiful memory of the intensity and closeness of that moment in our lives. Thank you for inviting me to share it with you, Morton.

Maybe Baby_High Res

About the book: Maybe Baby is a romantic comedy and the sequel to The Purrfect Pet Sitter (Lisa Blake book #1). While each book can be read as a standalone story, Maybe Baby revisits the characters from The Purrfect Pet Sitter ( as they move into the next phase of their lives.

The blurb:

Just when you thought you had it all worked out …

Best friends Lisa and Felicity think – maybe, just maybe – they finally have everything sorted out in their lives.

Lisa is in a happy relationship with her old flame, and busy mum Felicity has managed to reignite the passion with her husband, Pete, after a romantic getaway.

But when Lisa walks in on a half-naked woman in her boyfriend’s flat and Felicity is left reeling from a shocking discovery, it becomes clear that life is nothing but full of surprises!

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Published by: Ruby Fiction

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Ruby Fiction:

Carol Thomas 300dpi

About the Author:

Carol Thomas lives on the south coast of England with her husband, four children and lively Labrador. She has been a playgroup supervisor and taught in primary schools for over fifteen years, before dedicating more of her time to writing. Carol is a regular volunteer at her local Cancer Research UK shop. She has a passion for reading, writing and people watching and can often be found loitering in local cafes working on her next book.

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Thank you for that lovely post, Carol. I actually shed a tear reading your words as I prepared the post! And would you believe, I own the same ornament, which was bought for us by my late mother-in-law to celebrate my youngest’s birth. Mx



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