Happy Valentine’s Day, Competitions, A Talk, Offers, An Award, and Future Blog Guests.

I’m late posting this week, as I’ve been floored by a dreaded lurgy brought home from school by my youngest son. Lots of things I want to write about too!

First of all Happy Valentine’s Day. We don’t celebrate in our house as my husband thinks it’s a commercial thing and besides the fact he’s in Peru on business at the moment! Whatever your relationship status, take a bit of time to look after yourself and your loved ones today – Lily the dog got an extra cuddle this morning and I put a post-it note on big son’s lunch box.

Today sees the publication of a friend’s novel in a new mystery series. Caroline James and Hattie Goes to Hollywood will feature on my blog next week. Congratulations and good luck, Caroline.


Today also sees the launch of the Romantic Fiction Book Club on Facebook, launched by members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association as part of the association’s 60th birthday celebrations. There is an amazing Launch Day competition to win a 60 book bundle from publisher One More Chapter and in addition 60 individual book prizes. Well worth joining the book club to have a shot at winning.



My novel The Girl on the Beach is included in Choc Lit’s Valentine sale, so for only 99p you can get to find out more about one of my favourite heroes, Harry Dixon – who is he and why does Ellie think she’s known him before?


I went to a talk on Saturday in London. It was Tracy Chevalier, author of The Pearl Earring, in conversation with Nicola Cornick. It was a fascinating insight into another writer’s process and not dissimilar to my own. Tracy often starts her books after looking at a photograph or wok of art and asking ‘what if’ and ‘why’ questions about it. She doesn’t plan, preferring to allow her stories to unwind as she writes. She also learns the crafts mentioned in the book to enable her to give her heroines an authentic feel. I came away feeling really inspired.

Lovely Jan Brigden has nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. You can read Jan’s blog here. It was lovely to be mentioned like this. The Sunshine Blogger Award allows bloggers to highlight and celebrate their fellow bloggers’ creativity and positivity within the blogging community. It means that she gets to ask me some questions. I would like to nominate Lynn Forth to answer the same questions and receive the award, as her blog always makes me smile and she always puts lovely comments on mine.


Jan Brigden’s questions answered by Morton Gray:-

What are the best and worst gifts you’ve ever received?

Best would be my perfume atomiser which I take everywhere.

Worst a dreadful unicorn keyring, that my husband said looked better on the picture 😱

Who is the celebrity you’d most like to share a 100 mile taxi ride with and why?

I am quite taken with Stephen Mangan at the moment. He is starring in the drama The Split, but also co-hosts Portrait Artist of the Year, which I love. He seems a very interesting character, so I’m sure the journey would speed by as we talked about art.

If you could interview any author past or present, who would it be and why?

It would have to be Jane Austen, because it was a love of her books that made me want to be a writer in the first place.

What’s the most nerve-racking thing you’ve ever done in your life?

I’m not very fond of water, so probably canoeing up a river estuary in Wales when I was on a team building course with work.

What’s your idea of the perfect holiday?

Walking on a beach and in the countryside with my husband, usually in the UK.

What do you find best helps you to relax, de-stress and re-focus? 

A lovely bubble bath.

Which song triggers happy memories for you and why?

I can’t think of one particular one, but I am always singing seventies and eighties hits and songs from the shows in the shower. I always tell my husband he should be worried about me if I don’t sing.

Who is the fictional hero you’d most like to spring to life before your eyes?

Sue Moorcroft‘s Ratty from her novel Starting Over.

Which city in the world would you most like to visit?

New York!

What’s your favourite food treat/indulgence (however big or small) ?

Anything with chocolate! I’m a bit of a chocoholic.

Which three words best describe you?

Shy, persistent, loyal.

Thank you again, Jan and over to Lynn Forth

Watch out for some great features on my blog in the coming weeks – Starting with Caroline James, Angela Barton, Linda Huber and Christina Courtenay.

Thank you for visiting my blog – Morton S. Gray – Author. I hope you enjoyed this post. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Christmas at Borteen Bay is available now as both an eBook and audio download – Amazon Kindle, Audio, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Choc Lit for other buying options.

The Truth Lies Buried is available now from all eBook platforms – Choc LitAmazon KindleKobo, Apple iBooks. This will be available as a paperback and audiobook.

The Girl on the Beach published by Choc Lit is available as a paperback and from all eBook platforms – Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Google Play.




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9 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day, Competitions, A Talk, Offers, An Award, and Future Blog Guests.

  1. Laura says:

    I hope you are feeling better. Great assortment of fun and romantic fiction blogged about today. More to add to my TBR stack.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jan Brigden says:

    Great post, Morton, and I absolutely love your Sunshine Blogger answers to my questions. Have a wonderful weekend xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, thank you for the nomination, Morton ….and what interesting questions to answer. They will take some thinking about.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. jessiecahalin says:

    Lots for you to celebrate today. I enjoyed the responses to Jan’s questions.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Angela Petch says:

    We’re like that with Valentine’s Day too.
    Wow – you’ve been busy.
    Great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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