Linda Huber – An Ornament I Love

Someone new on my blog this week – Linda Huber! She’s here to tell us about an ornament she loves. Over to Linda

Jack the sheep – a treasured ornament

Jack the sheep

In 2008, my parents moved – reluctantly – into sheltered housing in Glasgow, and I went over from Switzerland to help them settle into the new place. Mum especially was upset to leave the old house, her home since their wedding day nearly sixty years beforehand, and it had been Dad’s family home since he was eleven years old. It was quite an intense time, so I was glad when an old friend whisked me off for a trip down the Clyde coast one afternoon.

Clyde Coast

On the way home, we went into a garden centre for coffee, and that’s where I saw Jack (his name’s on a label on the sole of one foot). He was all by himself on a shelf of miscellaneous bits and pieces, and I snapped him up at once – I knew Mum would love him.

And she did. He took pride of place on the little table by the front window in the new flat – when she wasn’t sitting holding him! It wasn’t until the following year when I was back in Scotland that I went into a shop in Edinburgh, and realised Jack was one of a series of fun and funky sheep. I bought another to take home to Switzerland, thus starting a years-long tradition – every visit to Scotland, I bought a new sheep.

In 2012, Mum passed away, and shortly afterwards, my first novel was accepted by a London publisher. In beside the elation about the book, I was gutted. Mum had been a great reader and my biggest fan from the very first short story I ever had published in a women’s magazine. She’d have been so proud and happy about my books, but it wasn’t to be. She never knew. Dad was proud as punch, of course, but he wasn’t a reader. Mum was.

Jack the sheep, meanwhile, was given a new place in the display cabinet beside Mum’s other (rather more valuable) treasures. And there he stayed. Every visit, I would give him a pat for Mum, and buy a new sheep to take home. My collection was growing…

Jack and flock

Six years later, Dad passed away too, and Jack came back to Switzerland with me, the first sheep and the last in my collection, because my UK visits since then have been to England only. I love all my sheep, but Jack is special – in a funny way, he connects Mum and my first book in my head. Not logical at all, but that’s how it is. He has a flock of ten to look after, and I’m sure there’ll be another someday soon!

Oh, how lovely, Linda – I shed a tear as I prepared this blog Mx

About Linda Huber


Linda Huber grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, but went to work in Switzerland for a year aged twenty-two, and has lived there ever since. Her day jobs have included working as a physiotherapist in hospitals and schools for handicapped children, and teaching English in a medieval castle. Currently she teaches one day a week, and writes psychological suspense novels and feel-good novellas with (most of) the rest of her time.

Her writing career began in the nineties, when she had over fifty short stories published in women’s magazines. She then turned to psychological suspense fiction, and has had eight novels published. Stolen Sister, the latest, is set mostly in her old home town, Glasgow.

Linda’s newest project is a series of feel-good novellas written under the pen name Melinda Huber and set on the banks of Lake Constance, just minutes from her home in north-east Switzerland. She really appreciates having the views enjoyed by her characters right on her own doorstep!

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About Stolen Sister

Stolen Sister

Twenty-two years ago, Erin and Vicky’s parents were killed in an explosion.

Now grown up, Erin and Vicky – who have been separated – are unaware they are siblings. But when Vicky is called to her great-aunt’s deathbed, she learns that she isn’t alone after all. Where is Erin? Vicky’s search begins.

Elsewhere, Christine is having problems too. In the first week of her new job and struggling to come to terms with impending motherhood, she makes a disturbing discovery.

Vicky is almost ready to give up her search when an old foster mother calls with shocking news.

What links Vicky and Christine?

Will Vicky ever find her sister?

And can Christine’s baby escape the past that befell her mother?

Buying Link Stolen Sister:


Thank you for your moving post, Linda and I’m intrigued by your book already Mx


Watch out for Christina Courtenay next week …


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