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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been reading some fantastic blogs about how people are coping in this current coronavirus situation and when it came to my own blog, I found myself unsure what to write. The days have taken on a different pattern, that’s if you can even remember what day it actually is. My calendar, normally my bible, has lots of crossings out where events, meetings, appointments and holidays used to be. I am luckily someone who can always find something to do, so I’m not short of activities – gardening, weaving, making soap and shampoo, decluttering, family history, reading, combing the dog …

I find myself feeling fortunate that we have enough to eat, are warm and safe and so far, have managed to occupy our time. Our household expanded at the end of last year when my eldest son and his girlfriend sold a house and the one they were buying fell through. It looks as if their stay with us will be a bit longer than originally intended. In the first week of restrictions, we had my husband working in his study, me in mine, big son and girlfriend working either side of the dining room table and little son doing online lessons from school at his bedroom desk. Big son’s girlfriend now furloughed. Who knows what the next few weeks will hold. The challenge is to produce interesting meals for five.

Hugs to anyone sick, or grieving. To be honest, I’m having to avoid reading all of the news reports and my social media feeds. I’m trying to safeguard my mother, who thankfully lives in the same town. So far, she’s managed to stay in good spirits, but it can’t be much fun on her own with only the television and telephone for company, especially with her memory fading these days. She’s never embraced the internet. I’m posting food and medication through her window, but even that feels risky and I have to stop myself getting paranoid about it because I’m doing the best I can in the circumstances.

I’m struck by several things especially the resourcefulness of people, be it those like my sister, posting an uplifting poem and picture on her Facebook page every day, another friend who has started an online club to share recipes for those items found languishing at the back of your store cupboard, or even the school design technology department, now involved in making protective masks for the NHS.

We as a species are very adaptable and as long as we can keep well, I believe we will get through this and develop a vaccine. Applause to all of the key workers be they in the NHS, delivering post and parcels, manning our supermarkets, emptying our bins, or many other unsung heroes we probably won’t ever get to know about.

If you feel like a little distraction reading, I’ve put some details of my three books published to date below. Stay safe.

The Girl on the Beach


To buy The Girl on the Beach use this link 

The Truth Lies Buried


To buy The Truth Lies Buried use this link

Christmas at Borteen Bay

298E02A5-4F7D-4D57-99F0-C182E746D9FCTo buy The Truth Lies Buried use this link

Watch out over the next few weeks for blog posts featuring authors Kathryn Freeman, Jan Brigden and Sue Fortin.


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Christmas at Borteen Bay is available now as both an eBook and audio download – Amazon Kindle, Audio, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Choc Lit for other buying options.

The Truth Lies Buried is available now from all eBook platforms – Choc LitAmazon KindleKobo, Apple iBooks. This will be available as a paperback and audiobook.

The Girl on the Beach published by Choc Lit is available as a paperback and from all eBook platforms – Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Google Play.



By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. Great post, Morton, I think we are all adapting to these strange times and it’s OK to just say, this is how I’m coping. Love to you and your family. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Carol. Strange times but some things are good – like playing board games as a family! The dog is very confused with all of us being here all the time. Stay safe and well 💕


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