Victoria Cornwall – An Ornament I Love

This week I’m joined by friend and fellow Choc Lit author Victoria Cornwall. Vickie is going to tell us about an ornament she loves…

I don’t have a lot of ornaments, but the ones I do have hold some meaning or history behind them. The one I have chosen to share is one of my favourites, its beautiful, romantic, sentimental and has a… cheeky side to it.

I was 17 when I first met my husband and we have been together ever since. We graduated from our teens together, learnt how to be adults together and somehow managed to successfully bring up two children without losing or killing them. We are now in our autumn years… you know that stage when you compare aches and pains, middle age spread and greying hairs as if they are side effects from some pesky curse cast on you while you weren’t looking. However, we have that inbuilt reassurance that we are tackling this phase of our lives together and, although the world doesn’t know it, inside we are still the same 17 years olds who met all those years ago.

One day, whilst visiting the Cornish town of Looe, we spied a mini statue in a shop window. We stopped to admire it and both concluded that it reminded us of… well us (when we were in our prime, of course).  It was quite expensive and not something we would usually buy, but we were feeling romantic, frivolous and daring so we did.

It was only when the shopkeeper was wrapping it for us, did I question if I was really up to the task of displaying it in all its full glory…

You see, when the statue is displayed to its best profile the woman’s bottom is naked. Now I am not a prude, but I must admit it does feel rather strange to display a semi naked statue that looks like me. Despite this, I love it and it takes pride of place on our sideboard for all my visitors to see. However, I must confess that I am selective as to how I display it. When my parents visit, the statue’s bottom is turned to the wall to hide it, and if close friends visit the perky cheeks are facing outwards for all to admire. Now does this say more about me or more about what I believe my visitors can handle? Only me and my statue knows the answer to that question and, fortunately, the young couple are too busy kissing to tell!

About Victoria Cornwall

Victoria Cornwall can trace her Cornish roots as far back as the 18th century. This background and heritage have given her an understanding of the Cornish way of life which is the inspiration for her Cornish Tales Series.

Victoria has twice nominated for the RONE Indie and Small Published Book Awards in the U.S.A., was short-listed for the New Talent Award at the Festival of Romantic Fiction and has been a finalist in the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Joan Hessayon Award.

She is married, has two grown up children and continues to live in Cornwall, the county of her birth. 

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Books written by Victoria Cornwall

The Cornish Tales series are stand-alone novels set in Cornwall, linked by family, with a strong background story and the unmistakable emotion, passion – and even pain – of loving someone. 

You can buy the books here

Thank you for your post Vickie – it made me smile! Mx

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