Three Little Known Facts About Author Bettina Hunt

Someone new to my blog this week as Bettina Hunt author of High Heels on the Beach shares three little known facts about herself. Over to Bettina …

Fact 1.

I am half Persian and lived in Tehran, the capital of Iran, for the first three years of my life. In fact I only spoke Persian when I came to England. I absolutely love all things relating to Iran, from listening to the music, watching documentaries about the country and reading books set in Iran. I like to devour it all. I’ve just started watching The Bold Type and I was surprised and delighted to see an Iranian character featured with one of the main cast members. What We Do In The Shadows is an amusing series about Vampires, one of whom is an Iranian. Great fun.


I’m really proud of the fact that I am Anglo Iranian and although I haven’t yet brought it into my writing I am thinking I probably should 🙂

I LOVE the food, and I mean really love it. If I ate nothing else ever again I wouldn’t mind at all. It’s my absolute favourite cuisine as it’s full of flavour but not spicy. And the sweet treats, well if it has rosewater, I am there! On Pinterest I’ve dedicated a board to my favourite Persian food and pinned all the delicious food.


It’s my dream to be able to go back to Iran as an adult and see all the sights and culture and appreciate my background and heritage. I want to see the delights of Shiraz and Isfahan. I am not sure it will ever happen. Although, I haven’t stopped dreaming that I will make it back there one day to visit


Fact 2.

We lost our dad in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

No really!

We were having the best time. I was so excited to be there. I loved meeting the characters, going into Minnie Mouse’s house and opening the fridge door was a particular highlight, I have to say. In fact, I would say that I was more excited than my younger siblings to be in The Magic Kingdom.

All day we had our eyes on the gigantic knickerbocker glory type ice creams and my dad promised us that at the end of the day he would treat us to them. We chose one final ride to go on and left my dad sitting on a bench. The queue took forever, and a few times the ride broke down or something or other but each time the ride would restart so we stuck it out. When we emerged it was dusk, we must have been hours and when we reached the bench he was gone!

We looked everywhere, called out his name, we even reported ourselves missing! He on the other hand never reported us missing, if he had we might have been reunited sooner!

Then the Big Parade came past and we made the decision to stop searching for my dad and watch it as who knew if we would ever see it again. A kind shop owner gave us bottles of water and chocolate and we even had seats! Once it ended we knew we had to get back to the car park to get the last coach back to our hotel. And then the heavens opened, torrential rain and thunder and lightning rain belted down. The monorail was being stopped, everyone was rushing to the ferry. We HAD to get it. We weaved through the crowds and finally we sighed with relief. We’d made it aboard.

With the coach in sight and no sign of our dad we decided that as we had no money, and he obviously did, we would take the coach back to the hotel and then decide on the next plan of action. By now it was pitch black and very late. We boarded the coach and to our utter relief who did we find sitting right at the front? You’ve guessed it, dad!

It turns out he’d made his way to the entrance of the park and watched the entire show from its starting point, whereas we had been sat the whole time where it ended. He had it all on video because he wanted to show us. Awww.

We never did get those gigantic ice creams!

A reader and her family took my wedding themed book Without A Hitch on their holiday to Disney and I was over the moon when she sent me back these shots 🙂

Fact 3.

Will Smith won me a holiday when I was 17.

I was at home feeling sorry for myself because I’d dislocated my knee at school and was going to be in plaster for the whole of the summer holidays. My dad called me and said Capital FM Radio are doing competitions every hour where you have to identify a song clip, why don’t you enter and cheer yourself up?

Well, the prize that Saturday was a Summer goodie bag packed with a holiday beach read, designer sunglasses, beach towel, sun lotion and more. I really wanted to win it and when a clip came on of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Summertime I called in. I left my details and was so shocked when they called me back and said I was going to be on the radio. I was so shocked in fact that when I went on air my mind went blank and I forgot what the song was. Luckily I regained my composure and remembered just in time!

Off air the producer of the show asked me if I was going to be free the next day. He quickly clarified he wasn’t asking me out on a date (oh how we laughed) – I was in the draw now for the chance to win a holiday but I HAD to answer the phone at 4pm when they called or they would draw someone else. The pressure was on.

The next day my family were eating Sunday lunch when the phone rang…. well you have never seen anyone with their leg in plaster leap up quicker to get it! But it wasn’t Capital FM it was my brother using his mobile to play a trick on me. But the joke was on him, as seconds later the phone rang again and this time he swore it wasn’t him. It really was Capital FM, I’d won!!!

So when the plaster came off 6 weeks later, I was lucky enough to jet off for a luxury holiday to Crete 🙂 And that goodybag, well it came in handy with all the Summer holiday essentials it contained.

So that’s it, those were my three facts. I hope you enjoyed reading them and thank you once again to Morton for having me on your blog.

Thank you, Bettina and what fun facts!

About Bettina Hunt

Bettina Hunt lives in Essex England with her husband and two sons. She writes romantic comedies and contemporary women’s fiction. She enjoys beauty and afternoon tea and has previously blogged about these subjects over on Being a huge fan of cocktails and dining out, naturally food features a lot in her books. Bettina is a great believer in the idea of a happy ever after and thus her books are uplifting and full of hope sprinkled with lots of fun along the way. A natural entertainer, totally unintentionally … you’ll see! She also loves to talk and can be found on twitter most days, she’d love to see you there 😊

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About High Heels on the Beach

Decision shy Becca is used to her best friend making decisions for her, but after a disastrous 30th birthday, London living Becca realises she needs to stop relying on others and take control of her own destiny.

With her life plans in tatters, she’s forced to return home to the quiet seaside town of Sunny Bay and the family’s B&B, where the bedrooms are covered in chintz and her mother is still serving up culinary delights from the 1970s. Adamant that she’s not staying, Becca embarks on a soul-searching trip to Europe.

She’s barely stepped foot abroad before a family crisis sees her back in Sunny Bay and in charge of the B&B. Coming face to face with old flames and adversaries, Becca’s reminded why she left and is determined to get back to her old life in London.

But when the mysterious Madame DoTell, fortune teller to the stars, insists that home is where the heart is, Becca begins to wonder if she should listen…

If home is where the heart is, where is home?  

High Heels on the Beach is a light-hearted and fun packed Summer tale perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk

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