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This week I’m joined by a good writing friend and author of The Great Summer Street Party, Georgia Hill, as she tells my readers about where she writes. Over to Georgia …

Huge thanks to Morton for having me on her blog.

Last year, for my birthday, someone sent a card with this on:

Virginia wasn’t wrong! I’ve moved house often but wherever I’ve lived, I’ve created a writing space, or cave, of my own. Sometimes it’s been the tiny corner of a tiny room. For a while I had a spacious bedroom and fitted it out with a sofa and telly, lots of bookshelves and a desk with a view of the distant hills. That was a pretty good writing space! It became my man-cave, or perhaps a better description would be she-shed. I had all my favourite pictures hanging up and my favourite ornaments nearby. The little pottery bird I was so fond of became a casualty of a house move and was lost. I still miss it, it used to sit on the windowsill next to me.

In the last house, I had a tiny box room. The house was a new build so was a blank canvas. To white walls and a neutral carpet, I added a pink and white stripey lampshade, a pink throw and a bright canvas on the wall. I always get very ‘nesty’ with my writing spaces!

Much to my surprise, I managed to squeeze most things in that I needed. The bookshelves had to go in the sitting room downstairs, and I had an overflow bookcase on the landing but everything else was in reach. Although small, and no room for the TV and sofa, it was the perfect writing space.

At the moment I work in the corner of what we call the snug – a casual sitting room. The main advantage of this space is I have a fine view out.

I’m often watched by two fat pigeons sitting on the fence, a cheeky robin stops by. I like to see the passing seasons reflected in the different flowers in the bed opposite and I spend endless hours staring out, watching those pass by. I’m nearly always joined by a dog or two. 

The main disadvantage is it’s a room which is also used by us to watch TV and eat in. As well as the dogs joining me, Darling Husband often pops in for a chat …

Last year I suffered from writers’ block, something I’d often disbelieved. Not any longer, I couldn’t write a thing! In an attempt to combat it, I tried working in a different room and found a different cosy spot. If I’m first drafting, I can write anywhere (I find a long train journey very stimulating) and often write on the bed with a laptop propped up. Depends on how my back is feeling.

Whatever the space, I like to surround myself with:

  • a pen pot with favourite pens and pencils 
  • a mug of tea, coffee or ginger tea, or an enormous glass of water
  • a notebook having details of the work in progress, the WIP ‘Bible’
  • fingerless gloves for when it’s cold and a neck fan for when it’s hot
  • a notice board – with fun things friends have sent me – and a To-do list which is less fun
  • an iPad 
  • a printer
  • scrap paper – I have a terrible memory and have to jot everything down
  • several pairs of glasses – I’m old and need different pairs for different things
  • a radio tuned to Radio 2, with the volume turned down very low – see above!
  • a collection of my own books to give me a boost when the writing is hard!

I’m due to move writing caves soon and I’m going upstairs into a little spare bedroom which used to be my husband’s office. I’m hoping to reinstate the sofa. I’ll miss the view and the easy access to the kitchen, but I’ll have a door which closes. Quite important if you have a newly retired husband like me!

About Georgia Hill

Georgia Hill writes warm-hearted and up-lifting contemporary and timeslip romances about love, the power and joy in being an eccentric oldie and finding yourself and your community. There’s always a dog. It’s usually a naughty spaniel of which, unfortunately, she has had much experience. She lives near the sea with her beloved dogs and husband (also beloved) and loves the books of Jane Austen, collecting elephants, Belgian chocolate and Strictly Come Dancing. She’s also a complete museum geek and finds inspiration for her books in the folklore and history of the many places in which she’s lived.

She’s worked in the theatre, for a charity and as a teacher and educational consultant before finally acknowledging that making things up was what she really wanted to do. 

She’s been happily creating believable heroines, intriguing men and page-turning stories ever since.

Links to keep in touch with Georgia:

Twitter – @georgiawrites

Facebook – georgiahillauthor

Instagram – georgiahill5681

Website www.georgiahill.co.uk

About The Great Summer Street Party

The Great Summer Street Party is issued by publisher One More Chapter in three parts.

Sunshine and Cider Cake is out now …

Sunshine and Cider Cake

Ashley Lydden arrives in the quaint coastal community of Berecombe feeling more than a little lost. The former art teacher desperately needs a fresh start after a car accident that cost her everything. How is it that the town’s older residents seem to have more zest for life than she does?

A certain American history lecturer, Eddie McQueen, has also blown into town, just like the GIs did seventy-five years previously. Then, as now, they shook things up, and left secrets trailing in their wake.

Ashley knows all too well, like the D-Day soldiers, that laying the past to rest is easier said than done although her new community seems to believe that tea and cake – lots and lots of cake – solves most of life’s problems. And as Ashley is forced to admit, they are nearly always right…

To buy the book you can find it here

Part 2 – GIs and Ginger Beer is out on 11 March 2022 and Part 3 – Blue Skies and Blackberry Pies is published on 20 May 2022.

Thank you for joining me this week Georgia and good luck with the book – gorgeous covers by the way! Mx

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