What I Do When I’m Not Writing by Caroline James

This week’s feature is from Caroline James, an author I’ve known for a number of years now and she’s in the Apricot Plots group of writers too. Caroline has just published The Spa Break with One More Chapter and its the next book on my to be read pile. Caroline is going to tell us what she gets up to when she’s not writing her fabulous books …

Huge thanks to Morton for inviting me onto her lovely blog to discuss what I do when I’m not writing. During the day-to-day practicalities, which involve helping my husband run his business and writing my novels, I also have many hobbies and interests.

Rural cycling

Keeping fit is essential to me, and I swim regularly in a nearby lake or pool and walk with Fred, our Westie. One of my greatest passions is rural cycling for pleasure. My bike and I are the best of friends and go out and about as often as possible. For me, there is nothing like the wind to wake you up and sunshine on your face. In my early twenties I lived in Kensington in London and worked in Knightsbridge. I used to cycle to and from work, and riding through a city gave me instant awareness of the highway code and how to cycle in heavy traffic. I’ve always enjoyed cycling and take the opportunity whenever I can.

Cycling in California in my younger days

These days, I live in a rural town in Lancashire, and there are some fabulous places to potter about on a bike. It’s a vacation environment, too, with many holiday parks within easy reach. I love to amble about and wind my way through rows of chalets and caravan pitches where the atmosphere is relaxed and happy. At a nearby marina, close to the canal, there is a café which is a perfect pit stop as it sells the best ice cream in Lancashire. Wallings coconut flavour is my favourite, and every mouthful is a holiday sensation.

Seaside cycling

In recent months, I’ve had health issues, and the bike lay dormant in the garage. I’d entered into a 50 km ride in the coming weeks, but unfortunately, that won’t happen now. However, my strength is building and I shall soon be winding my way along the west coast, where there is a wonderful cycling path. I enjoy the stretch from Morecombe to Lytham for some seaside cycling. With the coast to my right and lots of lovely cafes along the route, it is one of my ‘happy places’ at whatever time of year.

There are perils to be faced when cycling. I try to steer clear of main roads, but even on quieter country roads, I have ended up in a ditch when vehicles hurtle by, seemingly unaware of the heavily padded lump cursing from the roadside. I ended up on a car bonnet when a driver wouldn’t stop at a roundabout, and on narrow roads have had many a car door opened as I tried to cycle past.

Blackpool hosts a Ride the Lights event in August, and the esplanade is closed to traffic. I shall don my disco helmet and ride along with hundreds of happy cyclists enjoying a vehicle-free fun ride.

Ride the lights in Blackpool

Lancashire has lots of hills, too, and there are times when I ask the question, ‘Shall I go electric or stay manual on my bike?’ I envy the fabulously fit cyclists who all whizz past me and seem to fly up and down dales. But I get there eventually, even if I partly walk the ride at times. For now, I’ll rely on my own peddle power.

Happy cycling everyone!

With love,

Caroline xx

Thank you for your post, Caroline and I do hope you are back to full health soon. Mx

About The Spa Break

Caroline’s new novel The Spa Break is out now!

The laugh-out-loud romantic comedy of the year for fans of The Book Club with Jane Fonda
 A weekend at the spa will leave four old friends with a whole lot more than they’d bargained for…

The glossy brochure promised a serene experience of total tranquillity and rejuvenation, but what best friends Bridgette, Emily, Serena and Marjory get is a weekend that upends their lives! There for a girls’ weekend to celebrate Bridgette’s impending seventieth birthday, the spa soon has these spicy sexagenarians realising that there are unexpected benefits to age and experience, and that over the hill certainly doesn’t mean out of the game…in any respect…

To buy The Spa Break you can use the link here

About Caroline James

Best-selling author of women’s fiction, Caroline James has owned and run businesses encompassing all aspects of the hospitality industry, a subject that often features in her novels. She is based in the UK but has a great fondness for travel and escapes whenever she can. 

A public speaker, which includes talks and lectures on cruise ships world-wide, Caroline is a member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association, the Society of Women’s Writer’s & Journalists and the Society of Authors. 

In her spare time, Caroline can be found swimming in a local lake, cycling or walking with Fred, her Westie, in the beautiful Lancashire countryside.  

To keep in touch with Caroline you can use the following links:

Website: www.carolinejamesauthor.co.uk

Twitter: @CarolineJames12

Facebook: Caroline James Author

Amazon Author Page

Books by Caroline James:

The Spa Break

Hattie Goes to Hollywood

Boomerville at Ballymegille

The Best Boomerville Hotel

Coffee Tea the Gypsy & Me

Coffee Tea the Chef & Me

Coffee Tea the Caribbean & Me

Jungle Rock

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