Extract From Mistletoe And Mayhem At The Little Shopping Mall By Hannah Pearl

This week I’m joined by Hannah Pearl whose new novel Mistletoe and Mayhem at the Little Shopping Mall was released by Ruby Fiction on 30 September 2022. Hannah is going to share an extract from the book with my blog readers …

Hi Morton, 

Thanks very much for welcoming me to your blog to celebrate the launch of Mistletoe and Mayhem at the Little Shopping Mall.  I found that after all the chaos of the last few years, I needed to write something that was just fun and festive. This book has everything from a would-be thief, a heroine with a very sweet tooth and a hero who looks good in a cowboy hat and not much else. I’m hoping it’ll help to put a few smiles on a few faces this winter and it’s lovely to have the chance to tell people a little bit about it.

Here is an extract from my book. It’s Halloween and the first late night opening event of the season: 

“I didn’t take the photo of Damian that went viral. I may have zoomed in on my phone to inspect it more closely, just to make sure he wasn’t identifiable, of course, before reposting it to all of the mall’s social media accounts. Everyone loves a cowboy, after all. Especially when he’s using those muscular arms to carry shopping bags for a little old lady. She was gazing up at him in admiration, and by the hundreds of retweets that the picture gained in just a few minutes, I reckon a lot of other people were doing the same. 

We’d sold quite a lot of tickets to decorate a pumpkin in advance, but once that photo began circulating we had an awful lot more people turn up all of a sudden too. We’d covered the costs within the first hour, and after that the crowds of teenage girls who came to admire our very own cowboy and the number of mums who suddenly didn’t mind so much when their kids begged to stay up longer swelled the coffers nicely. 

‘Is it always this busy?’ Damian asked, as kids jostled round his legs to get to the buckets of sweets that he carried. 

‘No,’ I had to admit. ‘It’s not.’ A family walked past, the dad carrying a very sleepy looking werewolf in his arms while the mum pushed a laden buggy. The seat where the kid should have sat was instead filled with a couple of pumpkins, the faces drawn on in black ink and covered in glitter. Multiple bulging bags hung from the handles. Evidently they’d come for the Halloween event and stayed to visit the shops. 

‘Did you find everything you needed this evening?’ I asked them. 

‘And then some,’ the mum answered, passing a bit of one of Nina’s brownies to the child to keep him happy while we talked. ‘I’ve walked past this place so many times but I’m always in a rush to get this one somewhere.’ She gestured at her child who was now yawning deeply. His costume was so cute I couldn’t help but check to see if he had werewolf fangs as well. He didn’t, but I swear his incisors looked sharper than they were meant to. The spookiness of the evening was clearly getting to me. He began to cry. ‘I’ll be back to do my Christmas shopping,’ she promised, as the dad started to tap his toe, clearly also in need of getting home. It was a full moon. Perhaps he needed to get inside before he joined his son in howling. 

‘Can I sneak off for a drink?’ Damian asked. ‘I never thought it would be hot work wearing so little, but I think I’ve had about a hundred people ask me to help them carry their shopping and I’m gasping.’

I grinned. ‘Come on, Nina made up a batch of Halloween-themed sangria, complete with grape eyeballs floating in it, and a juice based version for the kids. Let’s see if she has any left. I reckon we’ve earned a glass.’ Thankfully, despite not having an off-licence on site, we had a licence that allowed us to serve drinks at our events. It was one of the admin tasks that I never minded keeping up to date. It was always worth doing. ‘How do you manage when you don’t have helpers for bag lugging usually?’ he asked, as I put my arm through his and led the way to the cafe. 

‘Funnily enough, it’s never been a problem before.’ “

Ooo that sounds such fun! Good luck with the book. Mx

About Hannah Pearl

Hannah Pearl was born in East London. She is married with two children and now lives in Cambridge.

She has previously worked as a Criminology researcher, as a Development Worker with various charities and even pulled a few pints in her time.

In 2015 she was struck down by Labrynthitis, which left her feeling dizzy and virtually housebound. She has since been diagnosed with ME. Reading has allowed Hannah to escape from the reality of feeling ill. She read upwards of three hundred books during the first year of her illness. When her burgeoning eReader addiction grew to be too expensive, she decided to have a go at writing. In 2017 she won Simon and Schuster’s Books and the City #heatseeker short story competition, in partnership with Heat magazine, for her short story The Last Good Day.

You can use the following links to keep in touch with Hannah:

Twitter: @Hannahpearl_1

Blog: https://dizzygirlwrites.wordpress.com/

About Mistletoe and Mayhem at the Little Shopping Mall

I’m so excited to tell you about my new book. I love getting into the festive spirit by reading Christmas romances, and I hope that readers can do the same with Mistletoe and Mayhem at the Little Christmas Mall.  I find that at the moment I really just want to read something fun and uplifting, and I hope that is what this book can offer, alongside a little bit of early Christmas spirit!

Countdown to Christmas with mistletoe, mayhem, meddling friends and mystery men …

There’s a saying about all work and no play – but there’s never a dull moment for Caroline working at Holly Walk Mall, especially at Christmas. When she’s not dealing with orders from Ian, ‘the manager who can’t manage’ as her friend Rachel puts it, she’s overseeing the usual late-night shopping sessions, Santa’s grotto construction and, most importantly, the sampling of many delicious festive treats at the Italian café her friends Nina and Marco own.

But when a new jewellery shop moves in and brings ‘mysterious guy with the cute bottom’ to Holly Walk, Caro isn’t yet aware just how much mayhem she’s in for in the countdown to Christmas. With strategically placed mistletoe, revealing cowboy outfits and even a bit of sleuthing, could this festive season turn out to be the liveliest yet for both Caro and her beloved Mall?

Book buying link: here https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0B7S641TM/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i1

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